bicycles in tokyo

101 Guide to Riding a Bicycle in Tokyo

All you need to know before safely riding a bicycle in Tokyo, bought or rented. … Read More

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Having a pet in Tokyo

If you want to buy or adopt a pet in Tokyo, this article is for you. … Read More


Spend a Day in Roppongi

Spend a Day in Roppongi Here is a mini-guide with ideas on how to spend a day in Roppongi. Morning: Bricolage bread & co. There is no better way to kick off your morning than with Bricolage bread & co. … Read More

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Our Favorite Foliage Spots in Tokyo

Famous Foliage Spots in Tokyo Japan is world-famous for its beautiful cherry blossom, also known as sakura. But when the autumn is almost here, it is a time to remember that the foliage in Japan is also a very pretty … Read More

owl cafe

Tokyo Cool Animal Cafes we recommend

Tokyo is famous for many things. One of them is definitely animal cafes. In the beginning, you could find mainly cat cafes and owl cafes, but the business has expanded to dog cafes, pig cafes, and even Alpaca café. These … Read More

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Public transportation in Tokyo 101

Tokyo public transport is including dozens, if not hundreds, of the metro, train, and bus lines, all operating by different companies. Despite its size, the transportation system in Tokyo is very much accurate and convenient, but for the newcomers might … Read More