For For the Apartment Owners

If you are an apartment owner looking to rent out your property and seeking a property management company, Tokyo Furnished can assist you.

For apartment owners

Our Services

We will secure guests and manage your property.  We can handle various aspects of property management, such as maintenance, cleaning and preppering the apartment for a new tenants, laundry service, key management, renovations, and more. The commission for this comprehensive service is 10% out of the total rent. 

Additionally,  we charge  a flat fee of ¥20,000 for advertising and contract handeling when tenants change as long as the contract is longer than 3 months.

Our Target Clients

Our primary clientele consists of foreign professionals who come to Tokyo for projects, business assignments, Ph.D. students, embassy personnel, and others. We have a track record of working with numerous satisfied property owners, ensuring a consistent flow of renters.


If you have an apartment you’d like to rent out, please provide us with the following information:

  • Location: Specify the property’s address.
  • Building Photos: Share pictures of the exterior and common areas of the building.
  • Floor Plan, Size, Layout: Share the layout of the apartment and its size.
  • Distance from the Nearest Station: Indicate how far the property is from the nearest train or subway station.
  • Apartment Photos: Provide images showcasing the interior of the apartment.
  • Expected Rent Fee: State the monthly rent you are expecting.
  • Wi-Fi Availability: Let us know if Wi-Fi is available in the apartment.
  • Any Other Move-In Expenses: If there are any additional costs for move-in, please specify them.

Contact us today to discuss your property management needs and potential rental opportunities: