Famous Foliage Spots in Tokyo

Famous Foliage Spots in Tokyo Japan is world-famous for its beautiful cherry blossom, also known as sakura. But when the autumn is almost here, it is a time to remember that the foliage in Japan is also a very pretty … Read More

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Off the beaten path – Hidden Neighbourhoods in Tokyo

There is a plenty of places to see in Tokyo. Some of them are very popular and hence quite crowded all around the year. Therefore if you are looking for some less touristy place, in this post we will introduce … Read More

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Reopened attractions after the ES was lifted

Reopened attractions after the ES was lifted While Japan was under a nationwide state of emergency due to the Covid-19 coronavirus (and even before it was declared officially) most tourist attractions and public facilities across Japan were temporarily closed. Since the … Read More

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Animal Cafes in Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for many things. One of them is definitely animal cafes. In the beginning, you could find mainly cat cafes and owl cafes, but the business has expanded to dog cafes, pig cafes, and even Alpaca café is … Read More

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Stay at home – Tokyo Sakura Edition

Spring is a popular season in Japan because of the blossom of the world-famous cherry trees. However, this year due to rapidly spreading coronavirus, the spring festivals in Tokyo and all around Japan are pretty much canceled. The governor of … Read More

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shopping in tokyo omotesando plaza

Shopping in Tokyo for Any Budget

This article tell you where to shop depending on your available budget. … Read More

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Public transportation in Tokyo 101

Tokyo public transport is including dozens, if not hundreds, of the metro, train, and bus lines, all operating by different companies. Despite its size, the transportation system in Tokyo is very much accurate and convenient, but for the newcomers might … Read More

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Renting apartments in Japan

Unlike the United States or the UK, Japan’s tenant and landlord laws look very favorably upon the tenant, rather than the landlord, making evictions exceedingly difficult. As a result, many rental offices in Japan will not rent to an individual … Read More

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About Roppongi and central Tokyo

Roppongi is a vibrant neighborhood located in Minato district, especially well-known for an active nightlife environment and trendy dining spots. Its central location puts it within easy reach of the Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown, as well as … Read More

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