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Our Favorite Foliage Spots in Tokyo

Famous Foliage Spots in Tokyo

Japan is world-famous for its beautiful cherry blossom, also known as sakura. But when the autumn is almost here, it is a time to remember that the foliage in Japan is also a very pretty season.

To enjoy the beauty of the Japanese red leaves you do not even need to leave Tokyo.

Here we are bringing to you a list of Our Favorite Foliage Spots in Tokyo.

Hibiya Park

Hibiya Park is a small park that is close to Hibiya Midtown, Shimbashi, and Ginza areas, but it deserves to be on Our Favorite Foliage Spots in Tokyo.

When the foliage is at its peak, the red and yellow colors in this park lined by the pond are so beautiful that we can guarantee, it will make you speechless.

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Teien Museum is a museum of modern art that is also surrounded by a beautiful park. The park is worth a visit all around the year, but in the autumn it becomes a really stunning magical place. However, the place is not very famous, which means you will be able to enjoy it without too many other tourists.

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen on the contrary is quite famous, but due to its large size and also a big variety of different trees, you can enjoy the foliage here the longest, as different trees change their colors at different times.

Todoroki Valley  

It is a true natural oasis in the densely populated city of Setagaya. This park is very beautiful during the summer, but its true colors revel at the end of autumn. Late November-early December should be the best time to go there and see the stunningly beautiful nature by yourself.

Mt. Takao

However, if you want to get outside of the city but not to go too far and you are interested in hiking, it is highly recommended to go to Mt. Takao. You can get there by just one train from Shinjuku or Tokyo stations. And spend all day in the area. Enjoy the views, have a picnic, enjoy the autumn festival that usually takes place over there during the peak times.


Autumn in Japan is beautiful. It full of color, it is not so rainy, not too cold. It is one of the best times to come to Japan and enjoy not only the food and the culture but also nature.

We hope that visiting Japan will be available very very soon!

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