festivals and fireworks in Tokyo 2023

Festivals and Fireworks Tokyo 2023

Summer in Japan is a cherished season, brimming with traditional festivals and vibrant fireworks displays. After a considerable hiatus, it’s time to rejoice and embrace the excitement once again. Here is a curated list of highly anticipated festivals and fireworks … Read More

5 best kakigori shops in Tokyo

5 Best Kakigori Shops in Tokyo

Kakigori is a popular Japanese dessert that consists of shaved ice flavored with a variety of syrups and toppings. In Tokyo, kakigori holds a special place in the city’s culinary culture, especially during the hot summer months. Tokyo is known … Read More

Finding Zen in the Urban Jungle

Finding Zen in the Urban Jungle

Finding Zen in the Urban Jungle: Tokyo’s hidden havens offer a peaceful escape amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Additionally, discover tranquil temples and gardens where serenity can be found amidst the vibrant energy of Tokyo’s urban landscape. Nezu Museum … Read More

Best 5 Exhibitions in Tokyo Right Now!

Best 5 Exhibitions in Tokyo Right Now!

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Come to see this touring exhibition which has already been in Paris and London finally made its way to Tokyo. The exhibition is dedicated to the life and legacy of the one and only Christian … Read More

international schools in tokyo

5 Top International Schools in Tokyo

5 Top International Schools in Tokyo At the moment there are more than 40 international schools in Tokyo. among these schools you will find 1 German school, 2 French schools, and the rest teach in English. However, there is a … Read More

blue pond

Best Things to Do in Japan During Winter

Best Things to Do in Japan During Winter Japanese people are very proud of their well-distinguished four seasons. Winter is not an exception. In you winter some of the areas become really stunning and also there are many fun activities. … Read More


A guide to Azabujuban

A Guide to Azabujuban Overview Azabujuban is a well-known area in Tokyo. It is mainly known for its traditional shopping street and for pretty expensive real estate tags. However, it is way more than that. In Azabujuban you will find … Read More

Kadokawa Museum

Fun Day in Tokorozawa

Fun day in Tokorozawa Tokorozawa is a city in Saitama prefecture, about 30 km west of central Tokyo. Proximity to Tokyo and low rental costs make it a popular bedroom community. However, you really should not see Tokorozawa as a … Read More

Gluten-free Tokyo

Gluten-Free Cafes and Restaurants You Need To Know

Gluten Free Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo that You Should Know If you or someone in your family or among your friends have celiac disease, finding a good place for eating out can be somewhat a problem. In this article, … Read More

Beaches nearby Tokyo

Best Beaches Around Tokyo Area

Best Beaches Around Tokyo Area Tokyo is unbelievable! It is a great city and it is a dream of many to live here. However when the summer arrives, it can be a little difficult to stay here and at least … Read More