top 8 donut shops in Tokyo by Tokyo Furnished

Top 8 donut shops in Tokyo

In Tokyo, you can sample plenty of Japanese sweets and desserts. However, there are also many doughnut shops. Some of them are so popular, that lines in front of their doors are not anything strange. Here is the list of the top 8 donut shops in Tokyo selected for you by Tokyo Furnished.

I’m Donut

I’m Donut is not merely a donut shop; it has become a cultural phenomenon in Tokyo. Established by the same proprietors behind the renowned bakery “Amam Dacotan,” this establishment offers freshly baked donuts filled with an array of ever-changing fillings. For instance, the Shibuya branch alone boasts approximately 80 different flavors available each day. What sets their donuts apart is their unique dough, which manages to be both fluffy and chewy simultaneously. With four branches scattered across the city, each one consistently draws long lines of eager customers patiently awaiting their turn to indulge in these delectable treats. Despite the potentially lengthy wait times, we promise you will find the experience well worth it.



Beginning with a single shop in Azabujuban, “I’m Donut” has since expanded to three locations in Tokyo and one in Yokohama. True to its name, the establishment specializes in high-quality American-style donuts that are soft and generously sized. The assortment of cream toppings adds an extra layer of delight, and it is always fun to see what will be a new seasonal flavor. Also, do not miss their old-fashioned one, as it is truly exceptional.


The Little Bakery Tokyo

Located near Omotesando and Harajuku, The Little Bakery Tokyo offers American-style baked goods and doughnuts. What’s special is they have both regular and vegan options, so everyone can enjoy a proper donut. By the way, the plant-based dough is so good, that Even if you are not a vegan, you will love these options.


Doughnut Mori

Doughnut Mori is a popular doughnut shop with two branches, in Kagurazaka and Kuramae. The shop offers a wide range of unique doughnuts, ranging from classic flavors like glazed and chocolate to more adventurous options such as azuki butter doughnut sandwich and maritozzo. What sets Doughnut Mori apart is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and handcrafting each doughnut with precision and care. In addition to its regular menu, Doughnut Mori often introduces seasonal flavors. Make sure to arrive early, as they might be sold out fast, especially on the weekends.


Sunday Vegan

Another great option, especially for those who are vegan, is this hidden gem in Kichijoji. Despite its name, the shop is open daily, offering a cozy atmosphere and a satisfying selection of classic and old-fashioned donuts, along with vegan treats like stollen and carrot cake. Situated conveniently near the bustling Inokashira Park, grabbing a doughnut and a cup of coffee from Sunday Vegan can elevate your park stroll to a delightful experience.



Haritts, originating as a mobile cafe in September 2004, has grown over two decades to establish two shops in Yoyogi and Kodemma. Renowned for its handmade doughnuts, each one is crafted with care. Unlike typical American doughnuts, Haritts’ creations boast a texture that isn’t oily or greasy, yet remains moist and flavorful. A visit to Japan wouldn’t be complete without trying one of their delectable offerings. Additionally, at their Yoyogi-Uehara cafe, you can also enjoy scones, Japanese and Taiwanese drinks, and soak in the unique atmosphere that Haritts provides.



At “Floresta,” you’ll discover doughnuts meticulously crafted from the finest natural ingredients. Their vision is to provide treats that are not only delicious but also suitable for children and as close to nature as possible. The name “Floresta” translates to “forest” in Portuguese, reflecting their commitment to naturalness. These doughnuts aren’t just healthier; they’re also irresistibly adorable. Many are designed as beloved cartoon and book characters, making them almost too cute to eat.


Hocus Pocus

So, there’s this spot called Hocus Pocus, and let me tell you, it’s like stepping into a magical wonderland. Their donuts, they’re not just donuts—they’re like little cakes that’ll cast a delicious spell on you. And the vibe in the shop? Super chill and stylish. Grabbing a couple of those spellbinding donuts and pairing them with a coffee brewed from beans by Little Nap? That’s the winning combo that puts this donut joint right in the spotlight on Tokyo’s donut scene.