5 Shops for the Best Omurice in Tokyo

5 Shops for the Best Omurice in Tokyo

Omurice, a popular Japanese dish, is a portmanteau of “omelet” and “rice.” It consists of fried rice, typically mixed with ketchup and an omelet. Omurice is a common item in Japanese home cooking and is also found in many casual dining restaurants. Here is a list of the most iconic and interesting omurice dishes you can find in all of Tokyo.

Kissa You

Kissa You, a beloved and iconic cafe in Tokyo, is renowned for its nostalgic charm and exceptional omurice. Located in the Yurakucho neighborhood, this kissaten (traditional Japanese cafe) has been serving customers since 1952. The name “Kissa You” is derived from the Japanese word “kissaten,” which refers to a type of coffeehouse popular in the mid-20th century. Kissa You is particularly famous for its omurice, which is often considered one of the best in Tokyo. The dish features perfectly cooked fried rice, subtly seasoned and mixed with chicken and vegetables, encased in a fluffy, golden omelet. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Japanese cuisine or a first-time visitor, Kissa You provides an authentic and delightful taste of Tokyo’s culinary history. However, be warned that the place is very popular, and many times you will have to wait to be seated. But the wait is well worth it.

Address: 4-13-17 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

Franky & Trinity

Franky and Trinity is a charming omurice restaurant in Nakano Ward that has garnered a loyal following for its delicious take on the classic Japanese dish. Renowned for its creative variations of omurice, Franky and Trinity serves the traditional version with perfectly seasoned fried rice enveloped in a soft, fluffy omelet and topped with rich ketchup or demi-glace sauce. They also offer innovative twists that delight the palate, such as omurice with seafood, curry-flavored omurice, and more. Despite its popularity, Franky and Trinity maintains a relaxed and intimate setting, making it an ideal spot for lunch.

Address: 1-33-7 Chuo, Nakano, Tokyo


Ailnoir is a small French cafe in Koenji, a bit off the beaten path. It gained popularity and was even featured in various TV shows for its unique take on omurice. Unlike other places, the omurice here looks more like whipped cream than an omelet. Only when you dig your spoon in do you realize that it is actually made of eggs. It is definitely the fluffiest omelet you will ever have in your life. So why not try it now?

Address: 2-37-13 Koenjiminami, Suginami, Tokyo

Little Pool Coffee

Little Pool Coffee is a small modern café just a short five-minute walk from Omotesando station. It became renowned thanks to its revolutionary and never-before-seen double-layered half-cooked sticky omelet. If you want to go even further, you can order three layers of omelet and make one of them white. The possibilities are almost infinite. Little Pool Coffee is another must-visit spot for all the residents and visitors of Tokyo.

Address: 3-8-26 Minamiaoyama, Minato, Tokyo


Last but not least on this list is Delizioso 0141 in Ueno. The restaurant specializes in Western cuisine with a Japanese take on it. Therefore, one of their signature and most popular dishes is the white omuraisu. Omurice is made with eggs from Kagoshima prefecture. The outside is made only with the egg whites, but put your spoon in the middle and the yolk will come out. Inside you will find not chicken, but a seafood pilaf. The creamy omelet and the saltiness of the seafood create a taste combination that can’t be beaten.

Address: 3-7-5 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo

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