7 Reasons to Leave Tokyo

7 Reasons to Leave Tokyo

Tokyo is a great city and has a lot to offer. However, if you struggle with some of the following points you might want to leave or not come to live here in the first place. So here we go, … Read More

8 reasons to live in Tokyo

8 Reasons Why to live in Tokyo

Tokyo is a great city with so much going on. In this post, we will talk about 8 reasons why to live in Tokyo. Tokyo is never boring There are so many things you can do in Tokyo. You can … Read More

5 best edible souvenirs from Tokyo

5 Best Edible Souvenirs From Tokyo

The culture of souvenirs is extremely developed in Japan. However, probably unlike in other countries, in Japan when you say souvenirs you basically refer to a tasty treat. Pretty much every region in Japan has its unique souvenirs that cannot … Read More

Sports centers in Tokyo

Sports centers in Tokyo

In Tokyo, you will be able to find many sports centers and gyms. Some of them are open 24/7, some are not. Some are cheap, some are more expensive. Here are some examples. Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium It is one of … Read More

Best American Restaurants in Tokyo

Best American Restaurants in Tokyo

There is no doubt about the quality and variety of Japanese and international food available in Tokyo. Today on our radar is American cuisine. In Tokyo, you will be able to find all the American classics, such as bagels, pizza, … Read More

6 New Openings in Minato

6 New Openings in Minato

2022 was very fruitful for the new openings. So if you are tired of going to the same cafes, here are some new locations for you to visit. Uni Coffee Roastery Premium Azabujuban Uni Coffee Roastery is a Yokohama-born shop, … Read More

things to do on new year in tokyo

Things to do on a New Year in Tokyo

While a romantic Christmas is celebrated all over Tokyo, New Year’s night here is much calmer. Although in the past few years there are more and more things happening in the city on this night. Here are just a few … Read More

8 New Openings To Wait For In 2023

Tokyo has changed a lot since the pandemic started. Many places got closed but more new places are going to open in the new year. Here is the list of 8 new openings to look forward to in 2023. Tokyo … Read More

things to do in tokyo winter 2022-2023

Things to Do in Tokyo in Winter 2022-23

Winter in Japan can be pretty rough but it should not stop you from traveling here during this time of the year. Tokyo alone has plenty of things to do and to offer. Here is just a short sample of … Read More

Musashi Koyama

Your Best Guide to Musashi-Koyama and Togoshi Ginza

Tokyo has many great well-known places such as Harajuku, Ginza, Asakusa, and others. However, there are also less familiar places that are real hidden gems. Hopefully, this post will become your best guide to Musashi-Koyama and Togoshi Ginza. Musashi Koyama … Read More