A guide to Azabujuban

A Guide to Azabujuban


Azabujuban is a well-known area in Tokyo. It is mainly known for its traditional shopping street and for pretty expensive real estate tags. However, it is way more than that. In Azabujuban you will find how old Japan mixes with modern trends. It is also a good place to stay if you are a foreigner in Japan because many other expats live here too and many embassies are placed here. So, even if you are new to Japan and do not speak the language, you will be able to enjoy your time here after reading our guide to Azabujuban. 

How to get there

Access to the area is easy from almost any part of the city. There is Azabujuban station, which is served by two lines, Numboku line and Oedo line

Traditional eateries and shops

Once you arrive at Azabujuban, the first thing you will notice will be its charming, old-school Japan vibes. That happens thanks to many traditional shops and restaurants. For example, did you know that one of the oldest taiyaki shops is located in this area? Naniwaya sohonten is in business since 1909. It is more than 100 years! Another long-run establishment is 230 years old soba restaurant, Sarashina-Horii. All the noodles are made from scratch at the restaurant and their specialty is a special kind of white soba called Sarashina soba.

Azabujuban is also full of souvenir shops where you can buy a traditional Japanese snack, called senbei or simply saying rice crackers. Tanuki senbei is one of these shops. The current shop was reopened after World War II and it is now run by the third generation. 

Trendy Shops and restaurants

Alongside the hundred years old establishments, there are also many new and modern cafes and shops. Blu Jam Cafe serves American-Mexican food, Green Brothers will fill your daily need for vegetables. Popular chain shops such as Dean and Deluca or Starbucks also have their branches here. 

Noryo Festival

Noryo Matsuri is one of the Tokyo’s most popular festivals with a history of more than 40 years. The festival is usually held in end of August. One of the main attractions of this festival is the food stalls. Many shops from around this area prepare a special menu and sell it for attractive prices. It is a chance to try dishes from more upscale stores for affordable prices. The matsuri is popular among all age groups but especially among young people and families.
If you don’t want to be just a visitor in this lovely area but if you think about living here, we have furnished apartments in Azabujuban. All the apartments are fully equipped and ready to become your home away from home.