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6 tattoo-friendly onsens near Tokyo

6 tattoo-friendly onsens in Tokyo area

It is well known that for various reasons Japan does not welcome tattoos. People with tattoos are banned from entering some of the public facilities, such as gyms, pools, and onsens. However, there are exceptions and places where you can enjoy the Japanese hot spring regardless of your body art. Here is the list of 6 tattoo-friendly onsens near Tokyo.

Yamato no Yu

It is an exquisite hot spring resort in Chiba prefecture that can be reached in less than two hours from Tokyo station. At Yamato no yu, you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor baths. Also, the rooms with private baths are available but require a reservation in advance. Along with the onsen, you can enjoy here the restaurant which serves the dishes made of fresh local ingredients, as well as other facilities such as a gym, pool, and spa. More information here.

Shogai seishun no yu Tsurutsuru Onsen

This beautiful onsen is located in Hinode and it will take you two hours to get there from Shinjuku station. Here you will find several indoor baths and several outdoor baths. Also, if you are hungry, you can find here a nice restaurant serving various Japanese dishes, such as soba, fish, meat. If you rent a room, then private dining in the room is another option. Needless to mention this hot spring facility is also tattoo-friendly. So if you decide to make it your 1-day trip destination, make sure to check their website for the most updated information and for the special campaigns. 

Okutama Onsen Moegi no yu

Just one train away from Shinjuku station, this very nice onsen will be waiting for you right next to Okutama station. Indoor and outdoor baths with upstream and downstream waters have different healing effects. Additionally, there is a foot bath, and of course, a restaurant serving noodle dishes, fish, meat, and desserts. Next to the onsen, you will also be able to find an art museum, a fishing spot, and even two campsites. If you come here, a rememberable weekend is promised. For more details, go here (Japanese only). 

Hasunuma Onsen

Ota city is one of the Tokyo wards, and it is famous for its baths and onsens. There are over 40 baths just in this area. Some of them are very strict when it comes to the customers with tattoos, and some are more tolerant. Kamata Onsen is one of the popular onsens, which has no regulation policy against tattoos. It is a popular spot with black water coming straight from a natural hot spring. The place is also open until 1 AM, so you can pop up here even after work on a weekday (except for Wednesdays, when it’s closed).

Spadium Japon

“Spadium Japon” is one of the largest SPA resorts in Japan and it can be reached in just about one hour from central Tokyo. There are 15 baths and saunas, including natural hot springs. As for the tattoos, as long you have only one tattoo, which can be easily covered, you can enter the facility. For more details, campaigns, and discounted tickets, remember to check their homepage.

Kagoiwa Onsen Ryokan

Last but not least, Kagoiwa is an onsen located in a popular tourist destination that also permits tattoos if you keep the simple rules of the bathing etiquette. Here you can enjoy the natural hot springs and also the views of Mt. Nantai.  The onsen is located in a ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel, which means you can stay there for a night and enjoy Japanese meals made of local ingredients. For more details and bookings, see their homepage

As time goes by, more and more places start to accept tattoos. There is still a long way to go, but these 6 hot springs are the beginning. We hope you visit and enjoy them.

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