sake and beer tours

Sake and Beer Breweries – Day-trips from Tokyo

Sake and Beer Tours

Tokyo is full of things to do. Anyone can find here a place to visit which meets their interests. Even if one of your main interests is alcohol, and particularly japanese sake and beer, we got you covered with our suggestion for sake and beer day-trips from Tokyo. We hope that from this blog you will pick up a few ideas for your next weekend adventure. 

Ishikawa brewery

The brewery was established in the 19th century and located in western Tokyo, about 50 minutes by train from Shinjuku station. On the site you will be able to take a 1-hour kura (Japanese warehouses) tour, which also includes visiting beer museum and sake tasting. There are also two restaurants, Italian and Japanese, and a souvenir shop where you can buy sake home. Please note that prior reservation for the tour are required. More details you will find on their homepage

Toshimaya Brewery

Located in Higashimurayama, about 1-hour from the central Shinjuku, it is one of the oldest breweries in Japan. Toshiyama started a sake bar back in 1596. The way of brewing was passed from generation to generation and now we can taste the almost original flavor. For more information, please check their website (Japanese only).

Tamura Brewery

This is a 200 years old family-owned brewery located 40 km from the central Tokyo in a green place among rivers and mountains. They offer free sake tours and of course lots of sake that you can buy home. For more details, please check this page

Izumibashi Brewery

Izumibashi is another famous establishment. At Izumibashi they believe that the whole process from growing rice to brewing sake should take place in the same appellations, just like it happens with the grapes and wines. You can come here for a sake tour or for a omakase course dining experience with sake pairing as an option. You can book either of these here

Ozawa Sake Brewery 

Ozawa brewery, samous for its brand “Sawanoi”, started back in 1702, what makes it the oldest sake brewery in Tokyo. It takes about 1 hours and a half to get there from a central Tokyo, but it is worth your time. On the site you will find restaurants, you will be able to take a sake tasting tour, and you will totally forget that you are still in Tokyo due to the beautiful greenery and landscapes that you can see and enjoy here. All the additional information, please check on their homepage.  

Ide-Jozoten Sake Brewery

Ide-Jozoten has been producing a Japanese sake for more than 180 years always using the fresh water from Mt. Fuji. Book their tour and enjoy delicious sake and beautiful scenery. 

Suntory Mushashino Beer Factory

Suntory beer tour makes it a very short trip from Shinjuku station. At the factory you will be able to get an explanation about the beer-crafting process and taste the sample. The tour is free, but you need to make a reservation.

Sapporo Beer Chiba Factory 

For tasting this Hokkaido beer, you do not need to make the whole way to the north island, just head to Chiba. The factory will allow you to have a tour in the museum and the factory (tasting included),. And after the tour you can enjoy their beer garden restaurant facing the Tokyo bay. On a sunny day it might be a beautiful day trip. Check the details here

Kirin Brewery Yokohama Factory 

Another beer brewery that is conveniently located in the nearby city of Yokohama. The tour is free but it requires a reservation and it is conducted in Japanese. But who cares when you get to sample three different kind os beer at 11:30 AM. And later just head to a fund day in Yokohama. 

Hope you liked the ideas in this article.  Due to a current situation, please remember to check the most recent information of each facility before going there.