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Tokyo Camping Getaway Ideas For You

Camping Options (Very) Close to Tokyo

Many people, when think about Japan, imagine only the skyscrapers of Tokyo and geisha of Kyoto. But Japan is much more than that. And it actually has very beautiful and diverse nature and landscapes. Thus nature-lovers won’t be disappointed. And you even do not need to go too far away from Tokyo. Here are some Tokyo camping getaway ideas.

Wakasu Kaihin-koen Camp-jo

Easily accessible even by the public transportation, Wakasu Kaihin-koen is a park within Tokyo, that permits you to do overnight camping. It is also famous for having many fireplaces and fire circles in case you want to have barbecue. Among the other facilities, there are also fishing, bicycle rentals, and a playground. 

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Jonanjima Seaside Park

This is a seaside park located at Jonajima Ota-ku. The park allows you to do camping or barbecue. You can also play at the beach or at the skateboard plaza. From the park you can also see the ships in the port of Tokyo and airplanes landing at Haneda airport. While this park is accessible by a wheelchair, unfortunately, the pets are not allowed. 

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Otake Campground

Otake Campground is located fairly close to the central Tokyo, but will take you miles away in its vibe. It is located on a creek. There are tents and fishing available. The Otake Limestone Caves and the Otake Falls are also recommended for visiting.

The complete information about the facilities and prices, you can find here.

Hikawa Camp-jo

Located in Okutama, only about 2.5 hours from the central Tokyo, it is a beautiful nature park allowing you and your friends to stay for a day or overnight. For the overnight stay you can rent a tent or a bungalow. If you wish you can have BBQ or eat at the camp’s cafe.

Further information, please find here (Japanese only).

Kanotoen Campground

Kanotoen is another campground in Okutama area. It is a relatively cheap family friendly camping with simple facilities and an access to a river where you can also enjoy fishing. Around the camp you will also find activities like rock climbing and onsen.

Fore more details please visit here.

Hana Hana no Sato Camping Ground

Hana Hana np Sato is located in chiba prefecture. You can get there in about 90 minutes from the central Tokyo. It is a very sceneric, as it placed on former rice terrace. For the best view try to get higher sites. This camp is kids and pets friendly. Here you can get a tant or rent a bungalow, you can have a barbeque or you can dine in the local cafe, which serves freshly baked pizzas. There is a plenty of thing you can do in the area, like some hiking, fishing, and more.

Open Friday-Monday. For more details please visit their website (Japanese only).

Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo

Nagatoro Auto Camp-jo is a camping area in Saitama which offers you glamping (glamorous camping), bungalows, and river sports such as rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

If you forget anything, there is a shop, where you can buy anything from a package of mayo to towels and mosquito protector. 

Operating hours and reservation policy is here

Kouan Campsite

Kouan Campsite is probably one of the most impressive campgrounds on the list because it offers extremely beautiful view of the Mt. Fuji. As the camp divided into two parts, in order to view the famous mountain, make sure to stay on the north side.

Both tents and cabins are available at the camp, as well as the fireplace area where you can have barbecue.

The camp is about 40 minutes from the Kawaguchiko station. For more details and a price breakdown visit their website

The Farm – Agrizm Park Chiba Katori

The Farm is an actual farm, which also provides camping services and many many fun activities. You can choose where you want to stay: a tent, a bungalow, or a cottage. The experiences that are available at this site are zip-line, vegetable harvest experience, hot springs, candle making, and other.  Since it is a campsite after all, it is possible to make a reservation for BBQ or to dine at their very nice vegetable-based cafe if you are not in a mood to cook yourself.

More information you can find here.

O Park Ogose

This park is located in Saitama, very close to Moomin Valley Park. So probably this is where it got its inspiration from for the spheric tents hidden in the treetops. However if you do not like heights that much, you can find here more traditional sleeping options too. Among the experiences, you can take a part in s’more and BBQ experience, making pizza in a kiln, bonfire night, onsen and spa, and so on and so on.

For the most updated details, goto their homepage (Japanese only).

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