Things with kids during the rainy season 2

Things to do with children during the rainy season in Tokyo - Part 2

It might be difficult to keep the kids entertained during the gloomy days in Tokyo. To make it easier, we collected a few ideas of the things to do with children during the rainy season.

In our last post we recommended animal cafes and playrooms that are available in Tokyo. In this article, we will suggest a few museums and other fun places, where your kids can learn something new and simply have fun.

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo is located in Odaiba and contains more than 3 million bricks of Lego. It features Miniland Tokyo – Tokyo’s cityscape and its most famous landmarks. Among other attractions there is also a 4D cinema and the themed rides. A small cafe and a souvenir shop are available too. 

In order to enter the park, adults must be accompanied by a child. For more information about the park, check its homepage (Japanese only).

Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis is another themed park located in Odaiba. This indoor park offers more than 20 attractions for both kids and adults. 

Something that is very convenient about this park, is that once you purchased a ticket, you are free to come and go throughout the day. Meaning you can play there sometime, then enjoy the shopping in Odaiba, and later come back again for even more fun. 

In addition, the venue holds different events, so make sure to check their website for more updated information.

Fire Museum

Tokyo Fire Museum is located in Yotsuya Sanchome, Shinjuku. The entrance is free, and anyone is welcome. For one afternoon both kids and their parents can learn in a fun way about the history of firefighters in Japan. You can find here exhibits such as samurai firefighter costume and other interesting stuff. The audio guide in English is available. 

Be noted that you can’t buy any food inside the museum but you are allowed to bring your own bento boxes. 

Make sure to check the latest information as well as the opening hours here (Japanese only).


Kidzania Tokyo is a heaven for kids and for their parents, because finally the parents get time to relax while the kids are busy living in their own world, or should we say “city”? Kidzania is 2/3 scale city just for kids, where they can play, work, and make money that they can use for the other activities. 

As there are many themed classes and activities, the reservation in advance is highly recommended. On days sales are possible but are a subject to availability. Most of the activities are conducted in Japanese, however the English programs are available too.

Kidzania is located only a short walk from Toyoso station. Meaning you can combine a visit to Kidzania with a visit to Tokyo’s most famous fish market. 


Teamlab projects are very popular worldwide. Tokyo is lucky enough to enjoy a few of their major projects, teamLab Borderless and teamLab Planets. Both are extremely fun projects, but the Planets is more interactive. For instance, for most of your stay inside the facility you walk in the water (no worries about the clothing and towels, all is provided).

Note that this activity will be probably more interesting for the bigger kids, rather the really young ones. For the prices and opening hours, make sure to check the official websites (do not count on Google showing you a correct availability). 

Snoopy museum

About 1 hour from central Tokyo, there is a new Snoopy Museum. It is a three-story building features a main gallery room, a vintage exhibition, etc. Furthermore, it has now a permanent workshop, where kids and parents can bake the cookies, or create the tot bags, or make other cool stuff. Even though the workshops run all the time, they are very popular and an early reservation is advised. 

Of course, a souvenir shop and a cafe are there too. The prices and the opening hours, confirm here. What’s more at the moment online museum is open.

Anpanman museum

The next two spots are technically not in Tokyo but very close to it and definitely worth your attention.

If your kids grow in Japan, they probably know Anpanman. Anpanman is the hero of illustrated books by Takashi Yanase, who has a face made of anpan (sweet roll most commonly filled with red bean paste) and was made into a television animated series in 1988. The long-running series continues to this day, and is very popular among the little ones.

At the Anpanman museum in Yokohama you can find anything related to this character. The museum was recently renovated and now contains of 3 floors with a space for a free play, stage area, and, of course, the shops. 

Regarding the opening hours and admission fees please check here.

Cupnoodles museum

Cupnoodles Museum in Yokohama is a fun interactive museum showing a history of instant ramen noodles. At the museum you will find both exhibit part and workshops, where you can create your own cup of noodles. Also, at the museum you will find  a playground for kids and a foodcourt that looks like an Asian night market.

The museum is conveniently located in the most popular and well known part of Yokohama, in Minatomirai, what makes it easy to be found. 


There are several aquariums in Tokyo. The big three located in Ikebukuro, Sumida, and Shinagawa. It is very entertaining and educating. Also, it is lots of fun not only for the kids, but also for the parents, and literally for anyone. Although all three are very much alike in their features and prices, our personal preference goes to the one in Sunshine city in Ikebukuro. It is bigger than the others, has more zones, and a bigger variety of fish and sea animals. 


Finally, along with the aquariums, there are  several planetariums in Tokyo. The planetarium in Ikebukuro is located in Sunshine city, just like the aquarium. And same fore the aquarium inside the Sky Tree, it is the same location as the aquarium.

The aquariums too can be pretty fun. Of course, it will be much more interesting if you can understand the lecture in Japanese, but even if you do not speak the language, the experience is quite impressive. 

If you go on a weekend, it is highly recommended to book the tickets in advance. 

Konica Minolta Planetarium in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro; Planetaria Tokyo in Yurakucho; Planetarium Tenko in Tokyo Sky Tree.

We hope that this post gave you the ideas for the time spending with your kids and friends during the raining season or basically anytime when you want to do something special with your family.