Beaches nearby Tokyo

Best Beaches Around Tokyo Area

Best Beaches Around Tokyo Area

Tokyo is unbelievable! It is a great city and it is a dream of many to live here. However when the summer arrives, it can be a little difficult to stay here and at least daily escapes are necessary. We already have posts about the indoor activities and fun camping locations. In the following article we will bring to you a list of the beaches in the nearby prefectures. Trust us, some of them look just like the best beaches in Okinawa. Hopefully, you will find a few new ideas for a daily trip even if it is not your first year in Tokyo, and you think you are familiar with its surroundings. 

Kamakura Yuigahama Beach

This beach has a long history and is considered to be one of the best beaches in Japan. It can be good both for swimming and for surfing. At Kamakura Yuigahama you can find cafes, a surfing school, and also enjoy the fireworks festival in the summer. 

Zushi Beach

Zushi is another beach close to Tokyo, but unlike the Kamakura beach, this one is less crowded (most of the time). The beach offers various marine sports such as windsurfing, paddle boarding, swimming, etc. Zushi beach is famous for the Mt. Fuji views on a clear day and for the spring film festival. 

Isshiki Beach

Isshiki beach located in the same area as Zushi beach. This is a stunning place surrounded by green and rocky formations. This beach is less fussy and popular among families. It is so beautiful, that even one of the imperial villas was built here.

Chojagasaki Beach

Chojagasaki beach, just like Zushi and Isshiki beaches, is another  located in Kanagawa prefecture. From the beach, it is possible to see Mt. Fuji, Izu Peninsula, and Enoshima Island. After or before visiting the beach you can also visit on of the many cafes and restaurants of Hayama town, which is a nice place on its own. If you go there, you should definitely check out the discounted tickets

Moriya beach 

Moriya beach located in Katsuura, Chiba prefecture. Thanks to its clean and deep-blue water, and the beautiful view, it was ranked as one of the best beaches in Japan. At Moriya beach you can enjoy surfing and swimming. 

Sarujima Island 

Sarujima is inhabitant island, located 10 minutes by ferry from Yokosuka. The island is rich with history and beautiful views. The beach and the cafes are open in July and August. Besides chilling by the sea, make sure you explore the island and check out its the barracks and gun batteries from the times when the island used to protect Tokyo Bay.

Atami Sun Beach

Atami Sun beach is a 400m long sandy beach with tropical palm trees along it. At night it becomes romantic and beautiful when the beach gets illuminated. All these make it one of the most popular beaches nearby Tokyo during the summer months. 


In Japanase “shira白” means “white” and “hama浜” means “beach”. And that is exactly what Shirahama is, it is a 800m long white sand beach in Izu. Shirahama is great for surfing. Another thing that makes this beach special is that it even has its own shinto shrine.

Onjuku Beach

You can get to Onjuku beach in about 90 minutes from Tokyo station. The place has a white and sandy wide beach line, what makes it very popular during the swimming season. If you are coming here, make sure to try the local delicacy, spiny lobster. 

Okay, okay, so Tokyo might not be the new Maldives, but you can find some really great beaches for the times when you don’t have time or means to go somewhere more distant. What is your favorite beach nearby Tokyo?