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Beer BBQ garden in Tokyo

Best Beer Gardens in Tokyo Right Now

Best Beer Gardens in Tokyo Right Now The summer is here, and usually, Tokyo has many beer gardens and rooftop terraces open this time of the year. However, due to the state of emergency, this year many of them closed … Read More

onsen tattoo

6 tattoo-friendly onsens near Tokyo

6 tattoo-friendly onsens in Tokyo area It is well known that for various reasons Japan does not welcome tattoos. People with tattoos are banned from entering some of the public facilities, such as gyms, pools, and onsens. However, there are … Read More

Summer food

Summer food to fight the NATSUBATE

Summer Food to Fight the NATSUBATE Like in many countries, people in Japan believe that it is important to eat the food which is in season. When we think about seasonal ingredients, we usually think about fruits and vegetables. However, … Read More

sake and beer tours

Sake and Beer Breweries – Day-trips from Tokyo

Sake and Beer Tours Tokyo is full of things to do. Anyone can find here a place to visit which meets their interests. Even if one of your main interests is alcohol, and particularly japanese sake and beer, we got … Read More


Bonsai, ikebana, tea… Tokyo is the place to learn about these.

Bonsai, ikebana, tea… Tokyo is the place to learn about these You probably know that Japan has a very rich culture. There are so many cultural and social aspects in regards to a tea ceremony, or growing bonsai trees, or … Read More