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Live Houses in Tokyo – Selected

Live Houses in Tokyo Surprisingly or not, there are many live houses in Tokyo. However, with only a few really big and well-known live houses, the majority of them are actually hidden in a small building and on the basement … Read More

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Tokyo alcohol scene – best bars in Tokyo

Drinking in Tokyo The alcohol scene in Japan and especially in Tokyo can be very exciting! The bar scene here is huge. There are bars for any budget, any kind of population, and any preference. In this article we are … Read More

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Worth-visit-themed Parks in Tokyo

Worth-visit-themed Parks in Tokyo The summer is approaching, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy some new outdoor and indoor activities. For example, the themed parks. To find them, you do not have to go too far. Even just in … Read More


Safe Places to Get Fugu in Tokyo

Safe Places to Get Fugu in Tokyo In this article, we want to recommend a few safe places to get fugu in Tokyo. You must have heard about fugu and know why the restaurant should be safe. But just in … Read More

Books in foreign languages in Tokyo

Books in foreign languages in Tokyo

Books in foreign languages in Tokyo We live in a digital world, when it doesn’t matter where you are, you can find a book you need and get it on your device anytime. However, there are still these weird 🙂 … Read More