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Tokyo alcohol scene – best bars in Tokyo

Drinking in Tokyo

The alcohol scene in Japan and especially in Tokyo can be very exciting! The bar scene here is huge. There are bars for any budget, any kind of population, and any preference. In this article we are just doing a small introduction to our favorite spots, so you will safely know where to start your journey through the Tokyo alcohol scene. 

Tokyo Whisky Library

This whisky bar located in posh Minamiaoyama is just incredible. It justifies its name fully! You will understand it from just looking around you – all the walls, from bottom to top, are filled with whiskey bottles. Then comes the menu, which has more than a hundred pages! We know it can be a bit overwhelming even if you think you know your whisky, so don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. And of course, the interior and the atmosphere inside are just beautiful and relaxing. All these make this bar a must-visit for anyone who likes whisky. 

Golden Gai

Another place to enjoy a couple of drinks in Tokyo is the legendary Golden Gai area in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho. It has been there since the end of World War 2. What started as a prostitution area, now is a 6-streets narrow area with more than 200 bars to choose from. One of our recommendations is a foreign-friendly bar “Not Suspicious”, which is owned by a former monk. 

Bars with a view

Tokyo is a beautiful city with many skyscrapers. No wonder bars with a good view are a thing here. One of the most famous bars in this “category” is definitely the New York Bar on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt Shinjuku. This bar became especially famous after the movie “Lost in Translation”, with a few scenes that were shot in the bar, was released. Another bar with a stunning view, superb vibes, and great drinks is Xex Atago Green Hills

Drinking alone

Just like going to the cafes and restaurants by yourself, also drinking alone is not something strange or awkward here in Tokyo. One of our recommendations for the bars where you can relax on your own is bar Louis in Nihonbashi. The reason for that is that solo drinkers can enjoy customized drinks that are not available for other guests. 

Liquor shops

For the days when you are not feeling like going out, there are some really good shops selling alcoholic beverages.  The places you can try include Enoteca with its many locations across the city. Or Shinanoya, which besides the drinks sells also lots of imported food, which goes very well with the drinks. 

This is only very few bars and shops among hundreds and maybe even thousands of bars in Tokyo, but it is a good starting point. If you are looking for a place where you can find a good alcohol and spend quality time while in Tokyo, everyone and each of them is truly a gem.