Azabudai Hills

Your Ultimate Guide to Azabudai Hills

Explore the newly opened Azabudai Hills complex—a hub encompassing everything from trendy clothing shops and diverse restaurants to schools and residential apartments. This post serves as your ultimate guide to Azabudai Hills, providing essential information you need to plan your visit.


Azabudai Hills boasts an array of the world’s premier and luxury brands, including Dior, Bottega Veneta, and Hermes. In addition to these renowned names, you’ll discover more casual options such as UGG and Lululemon. Beyond clothing stores, the area is home to diverse offerings. For instance, a well-known Kyoto-based bookshop “Ogaki” has inaugurated its first Tokyo branch here. The space encompasses a cafe and art zone, providing a comfortable setting for leisurely reading and the experience of uncovering a book.


Hills House Dining 33

Hills House Dining 33, a French bistro by Chef Seizo Mikuni, features a menu that emphasizes seasonal ingredients, known for its rich flavors and appealing presentation. The bistro prioritizes societal awareness, using local Tokyo produce for healthy cuisine that caters to both the mind and body. Situated on the exclusive high floors of Azabudai Hills, the restaurant provides panoramic views, making it a versatile choice for various occasions, be it casual outings, family gatherings, or business meetings.

Hills House Sky Room Cafe & Bar

For a more relaxed vibe with Azabudai Hills views, check out Hills House Sky Room Cafe & Bar. By day, grab a light bite or savor coffee with pastries crafted by their pastry chef. By night, the space transforms into a bar, offering a diverse range of alcohol and captivating Tokyo night views.

Sushi Saito

Sushi Saito has consistently earned three stars in the Michelin Guide Tokyo since 2010. Owned by Takashi Saito, this renowned restaurant has delighted the taste buds of food enthusiasts in Japan and around the world, showcasing sushi elevated to an art form. It reflects Saito’s passion to make sushi, a cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, more accessible. The aim is to introduce the genuine taste of fish to children, the future custodians of sushi, and to mentor young chefs in carrying on and evolving the sushi culture. Indulge in the heart and soul that Takashi Saito’s apprentices put into crafting each sushi.


Alchemy began in 2011 as Bali’s pioneer organic juice bar. Over time, it has evolved into a versatile brand advocating for healthy eating as the cornerstone of well-being, resonating with a supportive community. At the core of their offerings are thoughtfully chosen ingredients sourced from sustainable suppliers, brimming with essential nutrients and vitality. Alchemy fosters your physical and mental health through plant-based meals that prioritize deliciousness.


Eatablish is a vegan restaurant offering a variety of desserts like cakes and ice cream. Meals such as pasta and soup also can be found here. What is so special about Eatablish is their dedication to nature. They use organic ingredients whenever possible. In addition to serving lunch and afternoon tea, they also suggest you enjoy their Apero time with a selection of natural wine and Japanese sake. You can explore this place for original products and thoughtful gifts. The packaging design crafted by Akiko Kawamura adds a personal touch to the offerings.

Intertwine KM Yamajin

Intertwine KM Yamajin stands out as a distinctive winery and sake shop curated by Kenichi Ohashi, the sole individual in Japan holding the esteemed title of “Master of Wine.” Furthermore, guests have the opportunity to indulge in the expertise of Motohiro Okoshi, a leading authority on pairings, who orchestrates the unique experience of “component pairing.” This meticulous process precisely matches MW Select wines with sake, offering a truly one-of-a-kind tasting experience.


“Arabica” is a world-famous specialty coffee brand. It was founded by a Japanese owner in Hong Kong in 2013, with the flagship store opening in Kyoto in 2014. With the slogan “See the world through coffee,” the brand has expanded to over 150 stores in 20 countries and regions around the world in its 10 years of existence. “Arabica” is passionate about coffee, design, and broadening horizons globally. Azabudai Hills branch is their first venture in Tokyo. Enjoy a cozy atmosphere on our open-air balcony seating.


TeamLab Boardless

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson teamLab Borderless, a collaboration between Mori Building and teamLab, has welcomed around 2.3 million visitors from over 160 countries and regions worldwide within just one year since its opening in Odaiba. “TeamLab Borderless” stands as a “museum without a map,” crafted by the boundary-defying art group teamLab. The art collection transcends traditional limits, extending beyond individual rooms, interacting with other works, being influenced by them, and blending seamlessly. Now, with its move to Azabudai Hills, an even more advanced array of artworks will be on display, featuring many new pieces and works not yet released in Japan.

Shueisha Manga Art Heritage

The “Manga Art” gallery, brought to you by the publisher Shueisha, showcases uncompromising art prints crafted with the finest materials and cutting-edge techniques. Supervised by manga artists and publishers, these limited edition works are not only guaranteed in quality but also boast recorded provenance through the NFT blockchain.


Keio University Preventive Medical Center

Keio University, Japan’s premier private university, has launched a clinic at Azabudai Hills. The clinic is open to both Azabudai Hills residents and the general public, specializing in preventive diagnostics and medicine. Rest assured, you will receive a personalized medical check-up with a focus on dialogue, coupled with highly accurate medical technology.

The British School in Tokyo

Another global institution in the area is The British School in Tokyo (BST), currently catering to nursery and primary school students. The vision is to relocate the Showa campus to Azabudai Hills, fostering a closer-knit international community for children and their parents.

Janu Tokyo

The only hotel within Azabudai Hills, Janu Tokyo introduces 122 guest rooms, eight restaurants, and a 4,000 sqm spa and wellness center to a new landmark building designed by visionary architects Pelli Clarke & Partners. Through connection, inspiration, and exploration Janu Hotel invites you to experience a more soulful way of living.