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Best Matcha Cafes in Tokyo

Matcha is a superfood and a cup of Matcha is full of antioxidants and natural caffeine, which makes it an ideal alternative to energy drinks. And there is no better place than Japan to indulge in different Japanese beverages and sweets. Check out Tokyo Furnished’s Best Matcha Cafes in Tokyo.


IPPUKU&MATCHA stands out on our list for its rare offering of 100% single-origin matcha. For the ultimate matcha experience, try their course menu. But if you’re more into mixing and matching, their a la carte options are equally delightful, featuring a variety of drinks and matcha-infused sweets to satisfy any craving.

Address: 2-1-1 Nihonbashimarumachi, Chuo, Tokyo

Atelier Matcha

ATELIER MATCHA is a pioneer in the burgeoning movement of Matcha’s Third Wave. The cafe is dedicated to showcasing the finest, high-quality matcha, prepared with a focus on traditional methods. Step into the inviting atmosphere, where friendly service awaits. Indulge yourself with a truly authentic cup of matcha and experience the true essence of this revered beverage.

Address: 8-18-4 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo


Take a breather and unwind with a cup of tea at Satén. At Saten they are all about bringing you the best Japanese tea experience, from the leaves to that first sip, so you can enjoy a moment of calm in your day. The café’s nestled in a cozy local neighborhood, with a vibe that’s all about that authentic Japanese feel. Trust us, it’s a spot worth checking out!

Address: 3-25-9 Shoan, Suginami, Tokyo

Nanaya Aoyama store

Nanaya Aoyama is a quaint tea and gelato boutique nestled within the hidden alleys of Shibuya. Hailing from Shizuoka, renowned for its top-quality green tea production, the shop offers an array of gelato flavors, among which the premium straight matcha gelato stands out. Alongside the delectable gelato selection, you can indulge in purchasing fine teas and chocolates, all crafted with the finest matcha powder available.

Address: 2-7-12 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo

Kyo Hayashiya Takashimaya Times Square store

Kyo Hayashiya stands as a venerable tea emporium with a legacy spanning over 260 years. Over the centuries, it has gracefully adapted to contemporary tastes while preserving the essence of traditional tea culture. At the esteemed Takashimaya branch, you are presented with a diverse selection of teas and an extensive array of matcha-infused delicacies. The variety ranges from parfaits to matcha kudzu paste, all meticulously crafted to honor the rich heritage of tea.

Address: 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo

Yanagi Chaya Asakusa

Yanagi Chaya, established in 2018, swiftly captured the hearts of locals. If you are for confections crafted from the finest Uji matcha sourced from Kyoto, it’s your destination. Its menu boasts an extensive array of desserts, spanning from traditional shiratama to tantalizing tiramisu, and from matcha kuromitsu floats to indulgent matcha chocolate lattes, among other delights. You are invited to savor your treats within the charmingly adorned cafe or opt to take your orders to go, allowing you to continue your exploration of the enchanting streets of Asakusa at your leisure.

The Matcha Tokyo Omotesando

Matcha Tokyo Omotesando boasts a commitment to utilizing exclusively premium, pesticide-free matcha sourced from various regions across Japan. Their meticulous approach extends from soil cultivation to tea leaf production and blending. It ensures a matcha flavor profile rich in umami rather than astringency. Through their precise preparation methods, the matcha achieves a velvety texture and froths luxuriously, delivering a smooth, mellow taste upon the first sip. A visit to this establishment while indulging in shopping along Omotesando is a must if you are seeking an elevated matcha experience.

Address: 5-11-13 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo


Wasachi is the newest spot on the list. Using pesticide-free, organically grown Uji tea, they craft kombucha and matcha treats like never before. Their matcha cookies are blended with whole tea leaves, preserving their flavor and texture, resulting in a delightful pairing with kombucha. The owners, who value human connections, personally handcrafted the elegant wooden tables and benches. Warm, inviting walls adorned with washi paper lights, antique books, flowers, and exquisite pottery create a harmonious ambiance, brimming with meticulous attention to detail.

Address: 7-11-9 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo