Gluten-free Tokyo

Gluten-Free Cafes and Restaurants You Need To Know

Gluten Free Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo that You Should Know

If you or someone in your family or among your friends have celiac disease, finding a good place for eating out can be somewhat a problem. In this article, we want to make your life a lit bit easier and introduce you to some gluten-free cafes and restaurants in Tokyo. 

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Premium Sow

Premium Sow in Daikanyama has been around for about a year now. This both gluten-free and all-vegan cafe serves mainly desserts, such as ice cream and cakes, but they also have savory cake salé.

Gluten-Free T’s Kitchen

A certified gluten-free spot located in Roppongi. Central location and terrace seating make this cafe a convenient gathering place if you need to avoid gluten. On the menu, you will find plenty of options: ramen and curry, pasta and sandwiches, desserts and cakes, and so much more. Unfortunately, this cafe is not open every day, so make sure to check their website, for the changing opening hours.

Where is a Dog?

Where is a Dog recently moved from Waseda to Kichijoji. It is very popular among people interested in gluten-free menu options. They have a varied menu for dining-in and for the takeaways. They also make adjustments for the customers, who cannot eat meat or consume dairy. 

Tama Kuchen

Tama Kuchen is a cafe and bakery with outdoor seating in Tama area. It serves the famous Baumkuchen along with many other baked goods and desserts. They also have an online shop, where you can buy gluten-free products and got them delivered to your house. 

Breadbowl cafe “Focolare”

This cafe is famous, even was featured on TV, for the gluten-free bread bowls that you can get here. Another popular item on the menu is their croquette burger. It looks mouthwatering and tastes very very good.


Located in Machiya on the Chiyoda Line, it is a fully gluten-free and celiac-friendly organic restaurant. Serving anything from appetizers, pasta, main dishes, and desserts. Of course, they have a take-out menu, too, and even an online store.

Ω Cafe

O Cafe is a very cute and cozy cafe, which is located in nearby city, Yokohama. This place is popular among girlfriends and couples. Here you can find all gluten-free menu, including famous gluten-free french toast. Everything tastes delicious and the service is very friendly too. 


Bond is probably the most exceptional (and expensive) restaurant on the list. Its concept is completely gluten-free and sugar-free dishes made of seasonal ingredients and using unique cooking techniques. Another specialty of this place is pairing Japanese sake with the dishes. No doubt, after visiting this place you will feel the bond with the staff and the place.

Breizh Cafe

Breizh is a famous french creperie with branches in France and in Japan. They have several locations in Tokyo, such as in Omotesando, Shinjuku Takashimaya, and Kagurazaka. They serve savory galettes and sweet galettes. The crepe is made of buckwheat flour, so it is healthy and gluten-free. However, other ingredients may contain some gluten. Therefore, if you are really allergic, make sure to confirm with the staff that the dish is safe for you to consume.

As you can see, finding a good gluten-free place in Tokyo is possible. Menu is also quite diverse, and you can choose from savory and desserts, from Japanese meals and European meals, and from different budget options. If you know more gluten-free places in the city, please share them with us in the comment section.