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Halal Food Recommendations in Tokyo

Halal food recommendations in Tokyo

Just like many other food options, a few years ago it was almost impossible to find any halal food in Tokyo. But with the increasing number of tourists and immigrants from Muslim countries, halal food is becoming more and more available. There are halal restaurants, halal shops, and even some Japanese supermarkets have a selection of halal items. In this article, we are bringing our halal food recommendations in Tokyo.

Restaurants and stands:

Saray Kebab Okubo Station

This kebab stand is located just across the street from Okubo station on the Chuo line. They serve absolutely mind-blowing chicken and beef kebabs. You can get those with rice or as a wrap. There also some vegetarian options with rare for Japan cheese options, such as feta cheese and halloumi cheese. The prices are more than reasonable, portions are generous, and the service is warm and friendly as appropriate to Middle Eastern people. No wonder that almost any time of the day there is a bit of a line, but it is totally worth waiting.

Abu Esaam Kagurazaka

Amazing café/restaurant that servers traditional Egyptian and middle eastern food. Located in posh Kagurazaka, packed with French and Japanese joints, this small shop provides a great alternative for those who cannot have pork or alcohol or simply love a good kebab. At Abu Esaam they serve anything from traditional kebabs, to big hearty turkey dishes, Egyptian soul food koshary, and even sweets, such as an amazing kanafeh. The owner and the party chef, both are super kind and welcoming. 

Sushi Ken in Asakusa

Even though it is great to have familiar food choices, if you want to try probably the most popular Japanese dish, which is, of course, sushi, we can recommend Sushi Ken in Asakusa. For sushi restaurants, it is especially difficult to get halal certification, because alcohol is used for making sushi rice. Yet, Sushi Ken made an effort and now they also serve a Halal sushi plate. The prices are affordable, only about ¥1,300 for lunch. And they even have a prayer room in the restaurant. We think, all the above makes this place a must-visit.

Tokyo Chinese Muslim Restaurant 

This place has been operating since 2014. The chef is Muslim and there is absolutely no use of pork in their dishes. They serve some of the most popular Chinese dishes, such as mapo dofu, but instead of pork, they use beef or lamb. The reviews say that the food is so good, that some prefer this restaurant over the more traditional Chinese places.


Gyomu super

Gyumu is a Japanese supermarket, famous for selling local and imported products for unbeatable prices, the cheapest you can find in Japan. Also, they have a great selection of halal-certified products from abroad. For more details, you can check the “halal food” page on their website.

Shinokubo station

Shinokubo used to be called a Korean town, but nowadays along with Korean residents and their food culture, there are many residents from other countries, mainly from Islamic countries. This led to an explosion of halal-friendly restaurants and shops. You can dine-in or buy it home. They sell everything from fruits, to meat, to grains, species, and sweets. Everything looks and tasted super authentic.

Halal shop inside “Tokyo Camii”, Japan’s largest mosque.

This shop was opened less than two years ago nearby Yoyogi-Uehara station, inside the mosque itself. This shop is different from others because here you can also find halal products that were produced in Japan. For example, a normal soy sauce has a bit of alcohol in it, but here they have a Japanese soy sauce that was produced without any forbidden ingredients. Besides the food, here you can find some other stuff, such as halal toothpaste, worship goods, and more.

As you can see, now it is no longer a big problem to get halal food, if you need it due to your religious beliefs or just because you want to taste something new, something different. We hope this article was useful to you.