tokyo neighborhoods by category

Tokyo Neighborhoods by Category

Tokyo has plenty of sightseeing spots, attractions, parks, etc. Here are some of the top Tokyo neighborhoods by category.

Fashion and Style

For shopping of some of the world’s most known brands head to fashionable Omotesando or luxurious Ginza. Daikanyama is another stylish area with more unique and sophisticated shops, restaurants, and galleries.


If you like history and want to experience an atmosphere that will remind you how Tokyo used to be a few decades or centuries ago, you can visit these places. Asakusa is famous for its temples and shrines, and traditional cafes. Here you can rent a kimono or a yukata and take many stunning photos. The next area is Yanaka and Nezu, which were not very much known among foreigners until recently. That is a pity because it is absolutely treasured district, which will give you the vibe of old shopping streets. At Kagurazaka you can see and feel how Tokyo looked in Edo and Showa eras. Enjoy exploring Japanese cafes and home decor shops.

Young Towns

There are several areas where the young people of Tokyo like to go. Shimokitazawa is famous for thrift shopping, many small unique shops, workshops, and hipster and vegan cafes. Koenji is similar to Shimokitazawa but much less crowded. Harajuku and especially Takeshita Street used to be for decades the hottest spot for young people’s gatherings. These days many people still come here for Lolita shops, cafes, Instagram-able sweets, etc. Last but not least is Jiyugaoka, which is popular among people, mainly girls, who like sweets. Many cool cafes, and fantastic desserts, that you can try only here.

Areas for Family

if you are looking for a place to hang out with your kids, you can go to Odaiba or Kichijoji. Odaiba is an island which easily accessible from Tokyo. For a panoramic view, you can take a Yurakamome line or simply walk through the Rainbow Bridge. In Odaiba, you will find many attractions. Most of them are really great if you are visiting the island with kids. For example, you can find here a miniature-themed park “Small Worlds”, Legoland, or Kidzania. You can also take the kids and yourself for a walk on the shore or for a ride on a Ferriss Wheel.

Kichijoji is another popular area just outside of the Tokyo buzz. Almost always this place is ranked as one of the most desirable places for families to live in. That’s because it has everything you need for a comfortable life, easy access to central Tokyo, and also green spaces and parks. Inokashira Park is one of the most popular places all around the year but especially during the cherry blossom in spring. One zone of the park is actually a zoo and if you walk towards the Mitaka area, there is a Chibli museum too.


Many see Tokyo as a concrete jungle but this could not be any further from the truth. Even in central Tokyo, there are many green spaces, such s Shinjuku Gyoen, Yoyogi Park, Hamarikyu Gardens, and more. But if you get out just a bit, you can reach areas such as Todoroki Valley or Okutama. Todoroki Valley is located in Setagaya, you can get there easily by train from Shibuya. The place is green, quiet, and peaceful. It is especially beautiful in mid-late November when the leaves turn red.

Okutama is about 1.5 hours from Shinjuku station. Here you will feel even closer to nature. You can hike here, fish, visit Nippara Limestone Cave, or just get lunch at one of many cafes with offer stunning peaceful views.

Of course, it is very difficult to include all the amazing neighborhoods, attractions, and things to do Tokyo has to offer. But if you have to start somewhere, start with one of the areas mentioned above.

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