Secret Sakura Guide for Tokyo

We have all been to Nakameguro, Yoyogi Park, Ueno Park, and Sumida River to see the famous cherry blossom. So, in this guide, these places won’t be mentioned. Here we bring you the less-known but absolutely mind-blowing spots to enjoy the sakura.

Nakano Street

Want to be mind-blown? Head to Nakano Street which starts from Nakano stations and lasts, lasts, lasts. It is absolutely breathtaking. Not many words are needed. Just come and see it by yourself.

Kinuta Park

This place is ranked as one of the 10 best spots to see the cherry blossom in Tokyo, and yet it is not very much known among the people who do not live in Yoga. The place is stunning with many sakura trees and plenty of space to have a picnic.

Sengawa river

Another nice place by the river is to enjoy the cherry blossom if you are in Setagaya. Actually, if you walk all the way, you can get to the previously mentioned Kinuta Park.

Kanda River

The place started to become more known in the past years, but compared to the other Sakura places, this one is still quite free of tons of people and you can see the Sakura and take photos without other people in the background. Also, there are several kinds of sakura trees, so the blooming period is pretty long.

Omiya park

Okay, so technically this is not Tokyo, but the access here is pretty easy. And it is worth the effort to come here, as we are talking about a beautiful peaceful park with more than 1,000 Sakura trees.

Shingashi River at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Again, not Tokyo, but very close. In a small town like Kawagoe, you can find here quite a few places to enjoy the cherry blossom. But the most recommended is the Shingashi River. You can come here when the bloom is almost finished, and you will see the river full of beautiful pink petals. It is stunning.

There are also 3 special illuminations that will be held during this period.

Shibuya Sakuragaoka Sakura Matsuri

The illumination will be held until April 17, but the best view will be during the bloom peak, which is until about April 5. The event is completely free of charge and anyone can enjoy it.

Kioi Spring at Tokyo Garden Terrace

This illumination is also free of charge and located just a short walking distance from Akasaka. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the rainbow illumination as well. Why lucky? Because it happens only once a day for a minute and the times are random.

Naked Sakura Pilgrimage

Last but not least is the illumination which is a collaboration between Kanda Myojin Shrine and digital art collective Naked Inc. The event will be held until April 10. The shrine will be not only illuminated but also interactive. Come here, pray for luck, and enjoy the event.

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