life in tokyo

Life in Tokyo

Life in Tokyo can be overwhelming or very easy and enjoyable. Here is some information that we hope will help you to get used to the big city life in no time.

Places to Study Japanese

If you are in Japan and you want to study Japanese, there are several options. You can search for private online or offline classes. Or you can sign up for a Japanese language school. There are many schools all over the city for any budget. Alternatively, you can check if your local municipal office provides free Japanese classes. Though it is the cheapest option, the quality of classes might be a bit lower as well, as the classes are thought by volunteers and not professional teachers.


There are many free libraries in Tokyo that everyone can use. They have books in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and sometimes in other languages too. If you can’t find a book that you need, you need to fill in a special form, and the library will order it for you. Anyone can use a library but if you want to borrow books, you need to make a card. It is also free, all you need is to bring an identification card with you.

Garbage Rules

Garbage separation in Japan is very detailed and very strict. There are several categories of garbage and every municipality has its own rules. You can check the rules online or request a pamphlet.


There are several main kinds of shops in Tokyo. Supermarkets sell food items and groceries. Usually, in the evenings, there are some sales on the products that the expiration date is close. Convenience stores are usually open 24/7 and sell food and daily necessities. Individual shops are private shops, usually producing and selling one thing. Remember that many of these shops won’t accept credit cards. Shopping malls are large shopping centers with various shops. Department stores are similar to shopping malls but usually will offer higher quality and higher prices.

National Holidays

Japan has many national holidays. There is at least one holiday every month. On these days most companies will have a day off. All the governmental institutions, banks, etc will be closed.

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