Best American Restaurants in Tokyo

Best American Restaurants in Tokyo

There is no doubt about the quality and variety of Japanese and international food available in Tokyo. Today on our radar is American cuisine. In Tokyo, you will be able to find all the American classics, such as bagels, pizza, BBQ, and even southern soul food.

New New York Club

What would be the most classic way to kick off a new day if you are from the US or specifically from NYC? Of course, this is a bagel sandwich! Sweet or savory, toasted or not, it’s up to you. But the place where you can get some of the best bagels it is a small shop in Azabujuban called “New New York Club”. The bagels here come in all classical flavors, plain, sesame, everything bagel, and more. However, if you come here on the weekends you will find also unicorn and rainbow bagels. You can choose something from their menu or creat your own sandwich. The toppings include a classical LOX, PBJ, and so many other options. Apart from the bagels, they sell here some other goodies as well: chocolate chip cookies and black and white cookies, and even some vegan cakes!

Lucy’s Bakery

Lucy’s Bakery is one of a few American-style bakeries in the Tokyo area. They have a great selection of cakes and cookies. The size is also American, in other words, it is on the bigger side. On the regular menu, you will find classics such as cheesecake, pecan pie, and cherry pie. But they also have seasonal offers, that change every month. If you need a cake for a celebration, customized decorated cakes are also available for a pre-order.

Hudson Market Bakers

Another bakery you should check out if you like American baked goods is Hudson Market Bakers in Azabujuban. Plenty of freshly baked round cakes, pound cakes, and cookies. Also, they have the best cornbread in all of Tokyo and even better than in many places in the States.


There is no a better place to get a BBQ plate than Smokehouse nearby Omotesando. Here you can choose your meats, you can choose your sides, and just enjoy a super tasty meal. It fills amazingly authentic. Also, most of the customers are foreign, so eben the atmosphere is not very Japanese. But not only meat lovers will love this place, vegetarians can enjoy a vegan burger or appetizers, or desserts.

Soul Food House

This is one of a few if not the only place in Tokyo serving authentic American Southern food. Here you will find the classic chicken and waffle combo, but also many other waffle combinations. Even vegetarian and vegan options! Also on the menu, mac and cheese, wraps, cakes, such as carrot cake or brownie, and more. Come on Wednesday and enjoy the chicken waffle for just 1,000 yen!

The Pizza Tokyo Hiroo

Every article about American food should include places that sell a New York-style pizza. In Tokyo, you can find this perfect slice in Hiroo and Shimokitazawa. Pizza Tokyo sells its pizzas by slice and they have all the classics, such as cheese slices, Margharita, and pepperoni. Of course, they also serve side dishes, soups, and drinks. No doubt it all will make you feel as if you were transferred from Tokyo to somewhere in Brooklyn.

These are only some of our top picks. You might want also to check Down Home Restaurant, Brooklyn Roasting, Devil Craft, Freeman Shokudo, Bubby’s, Hard Rock Cafe, etc. Hope this post will help you feel less homesick. Or if you are not from the States, that you will have a chance to try yorself what the American flavors are like.

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