6 New Openings in Minato

6 New Openings in Minato

2022 was very fruitful for the new openings. So if you are tired of going to the same cafes, here are some new locations for you to visit.

Uni Coffee Roastery Premium Azabujuban

Uni Coffee Roastery is a Yokohama-born shop, which opened its first store in Tokyo this November. The concept of the Azabu location is a bit unique as it targets mainly adults. You can understand it from the shop’s interior and also the food menu. The cheese-based menu includes homemade gorgonzola cheesecake, mascarpone canele, high tea sets offered in the evenings, and more. It should be a perfect spot for a date.

Beyond the Box Tokyo

Beyond the Box is a sister shop of a popular coffee shop Lit Coffee and Tea Stand and one of the recent additions to the gourmet scene of Minato. However, it is not new to Tokyo. Before moving to Shiba area, the same cafe under a different name was operating in Shimokitazawa for 17 years! So you can be sure the quality is there, but now it comes with a more modern atmosphere and even more delicious dishes.

Common Tokyo

In late May a new cafe, bar, and lounge space opened in Roppongi. As the name suggests, the idea is to turn it into a community space of Roppongi. During the day you will find here a stylish and modern yet cozy cafe, art exhibitions, and pop-up shops. During the evenings, the cafe turns into a bar with a DJ guest every Thursday. This is a place to go to if you want to get some work done, meet a friend for a coffee, or even for a date at night.

Hiff Cafe Shibakoen

One of the newest additions to the Minato scene is this coffee shop in Shibakoen. Here you will find all kinds of espresso-based drinks as well as some teas and ades. As for the food menu, at the moment they offer only pound cakes but more to come. What’s great about this new shop is that it provides WIFI and outlets, and you can come here with your pet. All this makes it a nice stop not too far from Tokyo Tower.

Ken’s Cafe Tokyo Tower

Gateau Chocolate “Ken’s Cafe”, which was named the best cake in Japan, opened its new branch in Tokyo Tower. The main target will be the tourists, but of course, anyone can enjoy these delicious cakes. Also, this is the only branch where they are going to offer drinks as well. It is a must-visit for every chocolate lover. But even if you are not a huge fan of chocolate, you can get their new addition to the line-up, a cheesecake.

Harry Potter Cafe

Until the “Making Harry Potter Tour” opens sometime in 2023, already since the summer of 2022 you can enjoy the Harry Potter cafe in Akasaka. The cafe has a very nice design and a themed menu. They have all kinds of food, starting from lite meals to desserts and afternoon tea plans. At the moment reservations are quired and you can easily make them here. Next to the cafe, you will also find a Harry Potter shop. Same here, you need to make a reservation to get in. Lastly, make sure you get to the Akasaka station which also has themed decorations.

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