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5 Top Olympic-Related Events in Tokyo Right Now

5 Top Olympic-Related Events in Tokyo Right Now

Despite all the obstacles, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is happening right now. It might have not been the ideal format, and even those who had the tickets were not able to enjoy the sporty events live. But it does not mean you can not enjoy it at all. Even though the main event is closed to the public, some Olympic events are available. So make sure you do not miss them!

Pavilion Tokyo 2021

Pavilion Tokyo 2021 is organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and it features the works of some world-famous Japanese architects and artists. The pavilions are located within a 3km radius of the New National Stadium. There are volunteers who will give you a map with all the locations and explanations, so you can experience the art yourself.

Japan Olympic Museum

This museum is located just across from the National stadium. Of course, the main purpose of the museum is to teach you the history of the Olympics. But the place is also very interactive. Here you will be able to compare yourself to the world’s more rewarded athletes, etc. 

Olympic Agora

This event takes place at Coredo Muromachi Teracce. It is a mix of physical exhibits and digital ones. You can purchase a ticket online and visit the venue or they also holding some online tours. Make sure to check their homepage for more details. 

Tokyo Waterfront City

If you are looking for a nice Olympic-related photo for your social media, you must check out this place. The various events that were supposed to be held here were canceled because of the state of emergency. However, the Olympic rings are still there and will make a great background for your snaps. And if you stay until darkness, you will be able to see the Rainbow bridge lighted up with the Olympic colors. 

Official Shops

If you are interested in purchasing merchandise that will remind you of this Olympics, there are many shops around the city selling products with the official Olympic logos. Some of the biggest shops are located in Bic Camera Shinjuku West Store, Tokyo Sports Square in Marunouchi, Tokyo Solamachi East Yard (Sky Tree Mall), Aqua City Odaiba, and others.

Hopefully, the ideas in this article will get you into this special Olympic mood and vibe. 

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