5 best edible souvenirs from Tokyo

5 Best Edible Souvenirs From Tokyo

The culture of souvenirs is extremely developed in Japan. However, probably unlike in other countries, in Japan when you say souvenirs you basically refer to a tasty treat. Pretty much every region in Japan has its unique souvenirs that cannot be found anywhere else. Here is the list of the 5 best edible souvenirs from Tokyo you can bring to your friends and family back home.

Tokyo Banana

First released in 1991, Tokyo Banana became one of the most popular souvenirs you can bring from Tokyo. It is a small sponge cake with a custard filling inside shaped like a banana, hence the name. Filling flavors and cake decor change with the seasons, so you will never run out of options. You can find shops selling Tokyo Banana all around the city and at the airports.

Omochi Club Create

Mochi is a rice cake and a traditional Japanese dessert. You can see it all across Japan. But only in Tokyo, you can get an especially unique and cool one. It was created by Omochi Club Create and it is shaped like a popsicle. You will love the adorable look of it. Although you can buy them online, for a fun experience visit their original store nearby Nishiogikubo station.

Anko Butter Financier

Anko is a sweet red bean paste. Recently anko with butter on toast became one of the staple breakfasts and snacks among Japanese women. When it comes to souvenirs, you can buy them in a version of the financier from a popular Okada Anbataya pastry shop.

Cat-Shaped Monaka

As you might know, monaka is another traditional Japanese dessert made with crispy wafers and filled with beans. Yet the cat-shaped monaka filled with a paste made of white beans you can buy only in Tokyo. Aside from being a very cute-looking “cookie sandwich”, it can also be a good introduction to the culture of using beans in sweets.

Umeboshi assortment

Lastly, if you are looking for a bit fancier souvenir, go for the umeboshi from the Palace Hotel Tokyo. Umeboshi is a Japanese pickled plum, which is used in various savory and sweet dishes. At the Palace Hotel, you can buy a set of two types of umeboshi that are beautifully arranged in a wooden box. Sweet plum is made with honey and the sour pickled ume is made with shiso. They are individually wrapped and have a long shelf life, making them ideal souvenirs.

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