Where to Find Clothes as a Foreigner in Japan

Where You Can Find Clothes as a Foreigner in Japan

Many foreigners who visit Japan, particularly from Western countries, often find it challenging to purchase well-fitting clothing. As a result, they often resort to shopping exclusively at Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo for essentials. However, there are numerous other budget-friendly options available. Aside from luxury brands, several shops and brands are offering a diverse range of sizes, catering to a variety of body types. So, here are some ideas for where to find clothes as a foreigner in Japan.


While Uniqlo is widely recognized both in Japan and internationally, not everyone may be familiar with its sister brand, GU. GU, which sounds like “freedom” in Japanese, offers budget-friendly and stylish clothing options suitable for various sizes. From underwear to accessories, GU provides a diverse range of items for all family members, making it a convenient choice for those seeking affordable yet trendy fashion.


Wego is a popular Japanese clothing brand known for its trendy and affordable fashion. Founded in 1994, the brand caters primarily to young adults and teenagers, offering a wide range of apparel and accessories that reflect the latest street style and fashion trends in Japan. Wego offers a diverse range of sizes, including options suitable for foreigners.


Nissen is a well-established Japanese brand that specializes in online retail. On its platform, you will find a wide range of goods and products. Their fashion for men and women is especially popular due to their comprehensive catalogs and user-friendly online shopping experience, which provide detailed product descriptions, size guides, and customer reviews. Nissen is also a great place for shopping if you are a foreigner residing in Japan, as they offer plus-size items that can be difficult to find in many other shops.

Oriental Traffic

Oriental Traffic is a well-known Japanese footwear brand that has gained popularity for its stylish and comfortable shoes. Founded in 2002, the brand offers a diverse range of footwear, including casual shoes, elegant heels, trendy boots, and comfortable flats, catering to women of all ages. Oriental Traffic’s shoes are available in various sizes, including options for those with smaller or larger feet, making it a versatile choice for many consumers.


Originally established to cater to the needs of construction workers and other manual laborers, Workman has expanded its product line. Today their products include high-quality, functional, and affordable apparel for outdoor enthusiasts and everyday use. Recognizing the diverse body types, the brand provides extended size options in many of its clothing lines. This inclusivity makes Workman a popular choice not only for Japanese consumers but also for foreigners residing in Japan.