Things to Know about Rent Prices in Tokyo 2022

Things to Know about Rent Prices in Tokyo

A few things to know about rent prices in Tokyo as of autumn 2022.

Rent Prices in Tokyo

At the moment the prices for rent in Tokyo are at their peak. However, even throughout the pandemic prices for rent in Tokyo were high and did not go down like in other big cities in the world. A reason to it, people started to work from home and spend more time at home in general. This led to a higher demand for more extensive, newer, and larger places. Prices are primarily raised in the areas such as Musashino and Nishi-Tokyo, as these areas are not central Tokyo, yet close to the Yamanote line and the big hubs.

Rent Trends in the Future

Prices for rent are on an upward trend, especially for family properties. This trend is expected to continue as long as the demand for condominiums does not decline. Another reason why prices keep going up is that instead of buying houses, people prefer to rent. They enjoy the high-quality standards of living that new rental mansions offer. For example, these places have their own kindergartens and they are pet-friendly. With that being said, with the uncertain situation about the coronavirus and geopolitical risks, it is tough to make long-term predictions.

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