the best bagel shops in Tokyo.

The Best Bagel Shops in Tokyo

When it comes to satisfying your carb cravings, Tokyo might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, the city’s bagel scene is quietly gaining momentum, offering a delightful fusion of Japanese precision and the classic chewy, doughy goodness you’d expect from a great bagel. Join us on a delectable adventure as we explore the best bagel shops in Tokyo.

Maruichi Bagel

Nestled in the heart of Minato ward, Maruichi Bagel is a haven for bagel enthusiasts. Their bagels are renowned for their crispy exterior and fluffy insides. Try the Lox and Cream Cheese bagel for a taste of traditional Jewish deli-style goodness. Alternatively, explore their tempting array of in-house-made spreads, high-quality proteins, and fresh vegetables, allowing you to craft your personalized bagel sandwich to your heart’s content. For those who like to plan ahead, Maruichi Bagel offers the convenience of online reservations, allowing you to secure your preferred bagels a day in advance, ensuring that your visit is met with the satisfaction of your desired choices.

Address: 1-15-22 Shirokane, Minato 

New New York Club

This American-style small shop, with two branches in Azabujuban and Jiyugaoka, delivers an authentic bagel experience. Their bagels are crispy on the outside and delightfully chewy on the inside. You can choose from a menu of classic sandwiches or get creative and customize your own bagel creation. In addition to their exceptional bagels, they also offer a selection of beloved American classics like black and white cookies, carrot cakes, brownies, and more. It’s a taste of the USA right in the heart of Tokyo.

Address Azabujuban location: 3-8-5 Azabujuban, Minato

Address Jiyugaoka location: 2-15-14 Midorigaoka, Meguro

Fuji Bagel

Fuji Bagel, a beloved bagel shop, has recently relocated from its original spot in Akabane to the vibrant neighborhood of Hatagaya in Shibuya. Here, bagel enthusiasts can indulge in a range of delectable options. While they do offer the timeless classic plain bagel, their specialty lies in Japanese-style bagels, where the fillings are masterfully rolled in. The flavor selection features choices like salty caramel, matcha, coffee, pizza-style bagels, and beyond. To complement the bagels, homemade cream cheese fillings and scones are also available. It’s a bagel paradise where tradition meets innovation in the heart of Shibuya.

Address: 3-11-7 Hatagaya, Shibuya

Bob Bagel

The inspiration behind this shop stemmed from a desire to introduce the Japanese to the most authentic New York-style bagels. These bagels embody simplicity while bursting with rich flavors and an irresistible texture, achieved only by adhering to the original recipe. At Bob Bagel, you can delve into a delightful array of sandwiches. Of course, the classic lox is a timeless classic, but don’t miss out on the maguro sandwich if you’re in the mood for an innovative combination.

Address: 2-9-22 Shinagawa, Shinagawa

Tanuki Appetizing

Tanuki Appetizing is a gem for bagel enthusiasts in Tokyo. Nestled in a cozy corner of the city and open only for a few select days each month, this charming establishment promises a mouthwatering experience. Their bagels, with a crisp exterior and irresistibly chewy interior, are simply divine. The sandwich selection is equally tantalizing. However, be prepared for a queue that often stretches for hours, but trust me, the wait is absolutely worthwhile for the bagel magic that awaits.

Address: 4-10-5 Kachidoki, Chuo

Tecona Bagel Works

Tecona Bagel Works is a simple nook offering an extensive selection of housemade bagels, including seasonal varieties. What sets this place apart is its commitment to crafting bagels from a variety of flours, resulting in distinct textures and an array of tasteful experiences. If you’re tempted by their sandwiches, it’s wise to arrive early, as Tecona Bagel Works enjoys immense popularity, especially on weekends.

Address: 1-51-12 Tomigaya, Shibuya

Bagel Standard

Bagel Standard is conveniently situated in the bustling vicinity near the Nakameguro River. Renowned for its authentic New York-style bagels, this delightful establishment offers an extensive range of bagels in classic flavors, complemented by a diverse array of fillings. From sweet to savory, vegetarian to meaty, and even vegan options, Bagel Standard caters to a wide spectrum of tastes. While the primary shop resides in Nakameguro, you can also savor a select assortment of Bagel Standard’s bagels at the Sidewalk Coffee Stand in Shimokitazawa.

Address: 3-8-6 Meguro, Meguro

Ozo Bagel

Ozo Bagel is helmed by a skilled chef with traditional New York bagel-making training. These bagels boast a delightful blend of slight crispiness on the outside and a pillowy soft interior, making them a versatile treat that caters to a wide range of tastes. Even the most discerning eaters, including kids, find them utterly delightful. However, it’s advisable to plan your visit wisely, as Ozo Bagel’s popularity often leads to swift sellouts. Arriving early ensures you won’t miss out on these delectable creations.

Boulangerie Ken

Boulangerie Ken sets itself apart from the typical bagel shops, offering a unique take on this beloved classic. While the shape may resemble a traditional New York bagel, the texture is wonderfully distinct, deviating from the conventional norm. These bagels, though different in texture, are exceptionally scrumptious and notably generous in size, even by American standards. A special treat awaits visitors on Mondays, when all the bagels are available at half the usual price, making it an ideal day to indulge in these delectable creations. Boulangerie Ken is more than just a bagel haven. It’s a versatile bakery offering an array of delightful options beyond bagels, including artisanal baguettes, flaky croissants, delectable cakes, and much more. Whether you’re in the mood for bagels or other baked delights, this bakery has something to satisfy every palate.

Address: 2-2-17 Akatsuka, Itabashi