Stay at home - Tokyo Sakura Edition

Stay at home – Tokyo Sakura Edition

Spring is a popular season in Japan because of the blossom of the world-famous cherry trees. However, this year due to rapidly spreading coronavirus, the spring festivals in Tokyo and all around Japan are pretty much canceled. The governor of Tokyo asks the citizens and the guest of the city to stay at home in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. Of course, it is extremely sad, but during this time, our safety and the safety of those around us should be a priority. It does not mean however that we cannot enjoy sakura blossom at home. Stay at home – Tokyo Sakura Edition gives you ideas on how to enjoy the cherry blossom from the comfort of your home and stay safe.


The tradition of hanami is very much loved in Japan and basically it means that groups of people meet in parks and having picnics under the cherry trees. These meetings include viewing sakura but also snacking and drinking. 
In on-nami “on” stands for “online”. So it might be difficult for some of us to see any sakura trees from their window but anyone can go to the closest convenience store and get some time-limited sakura snacks and drinks and have an online picnic with their friends.

Discounts, Coupons, Delivery

While going out is highly recommended, you can still enjoy ordering a takeaway. Many places such as Domino’s Pizza, Sushi restaurants, and other chain restaurants and small businesses will deliver food right to your house for a 30% discount, sometimes 50%. It is a real deal, especially on rainy days.

Domino’s Pizza, Second Pizza for Free


Remember how you always were mumbling that you don’t have enough time for yourself? That you just want to stay at home? read a book? watch the tv show everyone is talking about? try a new recipe?
This is your time! Try to make yourself these delicious snacks from the trading Keto diet and binge on 10 seasons of an old or new tv show, or even better, take online courses from Harvard University.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to stay safe, stay at home, and always look on the bright side of things.

And we hope to host you soon here in Tokyo!