Recommended Coffee Stands in Minato

Recommended Coffee Stands in Minato

Not so long, just about 5 years ago, if you wanted to get coffee, Starbucks and its Japanese siblings were your only option. But now the coffee scene in Tokyo is blooming. There are so many options, really good options, that to include all of them in one article wouldn’t be possible. Therefore this time we are focusing only on a few recommended coffee stands in the Minato ward.

Blue Bottle Coffee Roppongi

Blue Bottle Coffee is famous for starting the third coffee wave in Japan. They have several branches in Tokyo, but in our opinion, the one in Roppongi is one of the nicest.  It is spacious and bright, which makes it an extremely lovely place to spend a few hours while tasting their coffee selection and sweet treats.

Verve Roppongi

Another American brand coming to us from California. They opened their first branch outside the states in Shinjuku, but their new shop in Roppongi is the one that caught our eye. Located in a separate, almost all-glass building, this coffee store is quite amazing. And of course, they serve great coffee. The baristas are very knowledgeable, they will gladly help to choose the type of beans that you will like. The prices are not cheap, but it is worth the money. And if you are hungry, they also have sandwiches and desserts.

Lit Coffee & Tea Stand

This place opened just a year ago, but already became locals’ favorite. The shop itself is cozy and stylish. The barista is a real professional, who will make you anything from delicious coffee to seasonal drinks and teas. Hence, this place will be a great match not only for coffee lovers but also for tea enthusiasts. Another pleasant thing about this place is that they have decent, very reasonably priced food, both sweet and savory. 

Byron Bay Coffee Company

This one originated in Australia, and now we have a few shops in Tokyo. The place focuses on the wholesales, but that also serve coffee inside the shop and sell bags of beans, so you can enjoy it at home whenever you crave some good, roasted coffee. 

Cafe Kitsune 

Cafe Kitsune belongs to a famous fashion brand Maison Kitsune and just like in fashion, it tries to combine simplicity and modernity. They use their own blend of freshly and locally roasted beans. You can have in the cafe, buy for a takeaway or buy the beans and make your own cup of coffee at home. Conveniently located in the posh Aoyama district, this cafe can come in handy when you need a break from shopping and want to relax. 

Little Darling Coffee Roasters

It is a coffee roasted cafe in the heart of the city. They have coffee options, including trendy coffee and soda drinks. They also have a vegan option, serving soy, almond, and oat milk lattes. The space is very modern, even industrial. From time to time, they have collaborations with other fashion, music, food brands. Therefore any time you go there, you will have a new experience. 

All the places are loved by us and worth visiting. If you have any other recommendations, leave a comment or send us an email.

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