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Best International Supermarkets in Tokyo

International Supermarkets in Tokyo

It is undeniable that Japanese supermarkets look very good. They are very organized, selling many kinds of rice, many tasty-looking bento lunches, the freshest fish and seafood, and so much more. But sometimes you just crave something from your home, from your country. Sometimes you want to have something more familiar, or simply taste something else, rather than the sushi, soba, and katsu-sando. Therefore we prepared a list of the international supermarkets in Tokyo.

Nissin World Delicatessen

Nissin is a supermarket conveniently located in Minato ward, not too far from the Tokyo Tower. There are three floors. On the first one, you will find a flower shop. On the second a wine shop. And on the third floor a big international supermarket with products from all over the world. Many rare kinds of cheese, bread, pasta and cereal, sweets, and snacks. The prices are not always cheap, but they have sales and point cards, which can reduce the costs significantly. 

National Azabu

National Azabu in Hiroo is probably one of the most famous international shops in Tokyo. And for a good reason. On the first floor, they have many imported products, deli, etc. On the second floor, they have a small shop with stuff for party decorations, and also a big shop selling all you need for your kitchen and your home. The prices are on the expensive side, but this can be a nice treat from time to time.


Kaldi is a Japanese supermarket located in many central locations usually close to a station. This shop started as a coffee bean shop, but now you can find here many products imported from all over the world. They also sell many seasonal treats and many health products and superfood. Unlike some other shops, that specials in foreign products, Kaldi is relatively cheap. Even buying cheeses, meat, or healthy cereals will not leave you broken. 


Picard is a famous French shop selling frozen food. They have several locations in central Tokyo. Here you can find frozen vegetables, fruits; frozen pre-made dishes that you only need to drop into the oven or the microwave; french desserts, and more. Everything tastes pretty good and looks absolutely amazing as if it came from the hands of the best French chefs.


Costco is an American wholesale corporation, which operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. They have a few locations in Japan as well. It is not always convenient to get there, but it is worth going if you need to buy big amounts of food for a reasonable price. Of course, you will find there many familiar, especially for the Americans, products. Big variety of meats, fruits, canned food, etc.

Gyomu super

We have mentioned Gyomu supermarket in one of our previous posts. And we will say it again, this supermarket is pretty good. At Gyomu supermarket you will find a big variety of imported products for a very good price. There are products from Europe, Asia, States, NZ, etc. So definitely check-out your closest Gyomu branch.

We hope we got you covered for those moments when you want to get something more western. Let us know what your favorite international supermarkets and places to shop in Tokyo and the surroundings.