Helloween Events in Tokyo

Halloween Events in Tokyo 2021

Halloween is really awesome in Japan. There are many events related to this day and also many spooky yummy treats that you can buy. From this post, you will learn about the best Halloween-related events that Tokyo has to offer this year, from buffets to parades.

Halloween Sweet Buffets

You can find all-you-can-eat desserts buffets all-around a year. However, during the month of October, they become just so much cooler with all these Halloween-themed decorations. So definitely check them out:

School of Wizards & Witches by Marble Lounge at Hilton Shinjuku. The buffet is inspired by Harry Potter books and movies.

“Pink & Shadow” Halloween Sweets Buffet at Conrad Tokyo. Enjoy Bewitchingly Beautiful Halloween Sweets presented in Two Worlds.

Dark Fantasy Sweets Buffet at Hotel Metropolitan, Ikebukuro. Plenty of special Halloween treats that look like a Suica card penguin.

Sumida aquarium

Sumida Aquarium, which is located in Tokyo Sky Tree, only for this month turned its kaleidoscope tunnel jellyfish exhibition into the Halloween version. Eight jellyfish aquariums embedded in the wall will be decorated with background panels with patterns such as witches and pumpkins. In addition, each aquarium will introduce one of seven mysteries about the ecology of jellyfish, such as “Jellyfish have no heart” and “Actually, they have a lot of eyes”. 

Tokyo Disneyland 

Every year and this year is not an exception, Tokyo Disneyland holds Halloween Parade and many other activities related to this day. So get dressed up and come to take a part in the event. While the tourists still cannot enter Japan, you can have the place pretty much for yourself.

National Azabu Costume Contest

Grocery shop National Azabu in Hiroo is having a photo contest. They will set up a photo booth from October 22nd to October 31st. All you need to do is: dress up in your scariest costume and take your best shot in the booth. Then send the picture with the hashtag #nahcc2021.
National Azabu staff will repost the entry photo on Instagram. The photo with the most likes will be a winner. A winner will be announced on November 1st. 

Halloween goods

Tokyo started its Halloween preparations already in August. By now you can find Halloween goods literally everywhere. In 100 yen shops, such as Daiso or Can Do, or in grocery shops such as National Azabu. Also, shops such as Muji sell themed goods. 

And for the sweet treats head to the closest convenience store, where you will find #pumpkineverything sweets and other yummy stuff.

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