Kadokawa Museum

Fun Day in Tokorozawa

Fun day in Tokorozawa

Tokorozawa is a city in Saitama prefecture, about 30 km west of central Tokyo. Proximity to Tokyo and low rental costs make it a popular bedroom community. However, you really should not see Tokorozawa as a boring suburb town. In the past several years the town’s government was trying to develop it a lot. Now you can find here museums and popular art exhibitions like the one made by TeamLab, for example. 


Start your day at one of the Tokorozawa stylish cafes. For a cup of coffee and delicious sandwiches head to Mitaru Coffee or to Ichian. Both are located just a short walking distance from Tokorozawa station.

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park

After a boost of caffeine and carbs, check out the city’s memorial park and aviation museum. This spot will be interesting for both adults and kids. 


For lunch head to Tokorozawa’s famous ramen shop Kappa House. Their ramen and tsukemen are not only tasty but they will also look good on your Instagram. 


In the afternoon take a train and go to the Higashi-Tokorozawa area. If you are still hungry or want to buy some delicious bread for home, stop by BellTeco bakery or try a famous Japanese dessert, shaved ice, at Kakigori Sango. Their menu changes seasonally and everyone can find here a kakigori he or she will like. 

Tokorozawa Sakura Town

The rest of the day we recommend spending at Tokorozawa Sakura Town, which features Kadokawa Musashino Museum and Acorn Forest by TeamLab.  The museum was designed by a famous Kengo Kuma, the architect who designed a new Tokyo Olympic stadium. The building is interesting from the outside as well as from the inside and features 5 floors. Here you can find a library, exhibitions related to anime, and changing exhibitions from Japan and all around the world. The currently running exhibition Spirit of Japan by Danny Ruso is beautiful and highly recommended. If you want to save a few hundred yens, make sure to buy the tickets online. 

After exploring the museum and nearby facilities, head across the street to Acorn Forest. In the evening silvery acorns turn into a light show. Same here, you can save a few yens if you buy a ticket online. But also get a tip from us, the light show is well visible from the outside, so unless you want to touch the acorns, you don’t really have to pay and get inside the forest. Instead, you can buy yourself a hot beverage or a snack from a nearby cafe and enjoy the show at the cafe. 

As you can see, Tokorozawa had a major transformation in the past years, and it makes a wonderful day trip from central Tokyo. 

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