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Cherry blossom-themed afternoon tea sets

Cherry blossom-themed afternoon tea sets

If you live in Japan long enough you know that it is all about seasonal products and food. In spring before and during the cherry blossom season, many cafes and restaurants offer Sakura-themed menus. In this article, we want to introduce you to some of the cherry blossom-themed afternoon tea sets.

The Strings Omotesando

Regular price: ¥6,152

Ozmall discounted price: ¥3,980

Zelkova A at the Strings Omotesando is a chic café where from your seat on their terrace you can enjoy the fashionable and vibrant Omotesando street.  Every season they change their afternoon tea menu. This spring they offer Sakura and strawberry flavored desserts. You can enjoy those along with a free flow of the TWG tea and coffee, as well as one complimentary glass of sparkling wine.

The deal is available for groups of 2-6 persons until April 25.

Rhythmos Cafe and Bar

Regular price: ¥8,602

Ozmall discounted price: ¥5,000

Rhythmos is located on the 26th floor of Intercontinental Strings hotel in Shinagawa. It is a beautiful stylish bar that is now offering Sakura, cherry, and strawberry desserts afternoon tea. Here you can also enjoy the free refills of tea, coffee, juices, and even one non-alcoholic seasonal cocktail. In many places, the afternoon tea sets are available for 2 people or more, but here you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon even alone. Unbeatable offer indeed!

The deal is available for groups of 1-8 persons until April 30.

Crystal Movement Lobby Lounge

Regular price: ¥3,960

Crystal Movements is a European-style lounge at the Tobu Hotel nearby Kinshicho station. For slightly less than ¥4,00o you can get a beautiful set of sweets and sandwiches, free refills on the drinks, a cocktail (mocktails are available too) for as long as 3 hours!! Great opportunity to catch up with the dearest friends.

The deal is available for groups of 2-4 persons until April 30.

St. Raphael Chapel Ginza

 Regular price: ¥4,500

A wedding venue that was open in June 2020 is now offering a pink-themed afternoon tea set. The sweets include all the flavors from sakura, to raspberry, to ruby chocolate. The savory food is very unique too. Additionally to the standard set, you will get Chef’s LIVE dessert plate. One welcoming drink and free flow of more than 10 kinds of teas will be available for you for 2 hours. And they are offering this deal to those who want to come alone or as many as 15 other people. Definitely check this one out!

The deal is available for groups of 1-16 persons until March 31 on the weekends and national holidays.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Regular price: ¥4,400 (service fee is not included).

Hotel Gajoen is offering a special spring afternoon tea set. The flavors include Sakura, matcha, chocolate, strawberry, cherry, and even sweet bean paste. The savory part includes salmon and a cold matcha soup. All the desserts are accompanied by seasonal tea and coffee refills.

Hotel Gajoen located in Meguro, which puts it within a short walking distance to probably one of the most famous cherry blossoms viewing spots – Meguro river. However, it must be said, this place itself is absolutely amazing. Definitely see it all.

The deal is available from March 20 until April 11.

Le Jardin Lobby Lounge

Regular price: ¥4,950 (consumption tax included, the service fee is not included).

Le Jardin is located in Chinzanso Hotel, which is one of the oldest hotels in Tokyo. It has an absolutely stunning park next to it and it is an absolute must-visit. Make this visit even more memorable with an amazing afternoon tea set which will be offered there during March and April.

High-end western and Japanese desserts, a light meal, and a free flow of tea on coffee will be served from 12 PM until 6 PM.

The deal is available from March 18 until April 11. A reservation only, at least one day before.


Make this year’s cherry season memorable for your eyes and for your stomach. Definitely use the available discounts to enjoy some more unique spaces and food.

St. Raphael Chapel GinzaLe Jardin Zelkova A