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Best Things to Do in Japan During Winter

Best Things to Do in Japan During Winter

Japanese people are very proud of their well-distinguished four seasons. Winter is not an exception. In you winter some of the areas become really stunning and also there are many fun activities. Here is a short list of the best things to do in Japan during winter.

Sumo Grand Tournament

One of the most iconic and familiar to pretty much everyone things in Japan is sumo. One of the biggest important sumo events is held for 2 weeks in January. You can book your tickets here.

Snow Festival in Sapporo

Probably the most famous winter event is the Snow Festival in Sapporo. This year due to the virus, the festival will be held on a smaller scale. But hey, at least it is happening! You can enjoy snow creations along with Sapporo sightseeing or visit a popular ski resort in Niseko.


Winter in Japan is also the time when you can enjoy stunning illuminations. No, not all of them end right after Christmas! For example, you can visit Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest for the Sailor Moon illumination. Or you can go as far as Hokkaido for the Shirogane Blue Pond Winter Illumination.

Open Onsens

Open onsens are basically the onsens under the sky, outside, in the snow. It is the best feeling in the world, to enter the hot water when outside is below 0 degrees. One of those you can find in Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku.

Early Sakura Festival

Many tend to think that Sakura viewing is strictly a spring event. However, not too far from Tokyo, in Kawazu City, Shizuoka prefecture, you can enjoy cherry blossoms as early as February. There is a special kind of sakura tree, its leaves are more pinkish than the other trees and the tree stays in full bloom for a month. In Kawazu you will find 8,000 trees and 4 km of pure pink beauty.