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Best Nomad Cafes in Tokyo

More and more companies allow or even require us to refrain from coming to the office and working from home. However, working from home can be difficult if you have a small apartment, small kids, or a problem focusing. Also, some people just like going to cafes and changing the scenery a bit. Here is a list of the cafes that have free WIFI, outlets, comfortable tables, and an overall atmosphere that brings you into working mode.

Downstairs Coffee – Mercedes Benz Connection

Located in Roppongi just across the street from Tokyo Midtown. This is a very comfortable cafe that can be your improvised office throughout the whole day. The prices at the cafe are also very comfortable, and you can buy yourself a lunch or a cup of coffee with sweet treats.

Standard Coffee Aoyama

A cozy cafe located just a step away from Aoyama-Itchome station. WIFI is pretty reliable and some of the seats have outlets. Lunches and seasonal baked goods are also available.

Berth Coffee

Located inside Citan hostel in Chuo ward. The cafe has two floors, with comfortable chair seats or sofa seats on the underground floor. Despite being located in a hostel, the cafe is pretty quiet and allows good concentration.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Roppongi Store

On the second floor of this cafe, you will find tables equipped with outlets and WIFI, of course. On the first floor, you can buy yourself a cup of coffee and the famous original Cinnabon.

Cozy Style Coffee

A bit off the beaten path, but cozy, and stylish, and serves great coffee. They roast their coffee on-site, and light meals are great too. Not everyone knows but there is a sitting area on the second floor, too.

Brooklyn Roastery Tokyo International Forum

This cafe is located inside Tokyo International Forum. Only a few minutes from Tokyo station. Totally suitable for work. But they also have nice baked goods and bagels from one of the most popular bagel shops in Tokyo, Tanuki Appetizing, on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Starbucks Azabujuban

Days, when you could charge your PC at Starbucks, are pretty much gone. Now only a few brunches have this option. One of them is the Starbucks shop in Azabujuban, specifically on the third floor.

Café 1886 at Bocsh

Cafe at the showroom of Bocsh. There are plenty of outlets, free WIFI and you can also eat here a full lunch.

Roasted coffee laboratory

This cafe is conveniently located in Shibuya. You will find here good coffee, WIFI, and outlets, and on a sunny day, you can enjoy their terrace seating (no outlets there tho…).

Jaho coffee

A stylish coffee shop in Tamachi/Mita area. Serving plenty of baked goods, some lite meals, and of course coffee. The atmosphere inside is also very nice, both for work and for meeting friends.

Café Jaskolka

One of the cafes in the back streets of Setagaya. The food is good, with plenty of seasonal desserts and cakes, great coffee, and WIFI with the outlets. The interior is very nice and cozy which makes it a nice place to stay for a couple of hours.

Valley Park Stand

A cafe in the Sequence Hotel in Miyashita Park. This cafe is located in a convenient central area. Good WIFI connections, outlets, and light meals along with the coffee. If you are hungry for something more substantial, just go and grab something from the food court of Miyashita Park.

Racines FARM to PARK

This cafe/restaurant is located in South Ikebukuro. Super chilled vibes, green park nearby… The food is nice, and you also can bring in the donuts from their sister donut shop Racines, Bread & Salad. Or you can just order their coffee, which is also quite cheap and makes it a pretty budget working space.

10 ° CAFÉ

If you are anywhere Takadanobaba area, head to this cafe, where even talking is not appreciated, as the cafe focuses on the working mood. This makes it another cafe where you can spend hours working with breaks for food and snacks.


The lobby of the Knot Hotel in Shinjuku is perfect for work. However be noted that since the coronavirus started, the number of seats was shrunk. When you become hungry, you can buy some bread goods from their bakery. On Sundays, the bakery sells only vegan goods. So, even if you do not work on the weekends, stay worth paying a visit.

Tullys, Jonathan’s, Doutor Coffee, Komeda

Aside from the very specific cafes mentioned above, many of these chain cafes and restaurants are also equipped with WIFI and places to charge your laptop.

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