8 New Openings To Wait For In 2023

Tokyo has changed a lot since the pandemic started. Many places got closed but more new places are going to open in the new year. Here is the list of 8 new openings to look forward to in 2023.

Tokyo Kabukicho Tower

A new skyscraper in Kabukicho has so much to offer that it is basically a small city on its own. Here you will find one of Japan’s largest hotels as well as a live music venue with a capacity of 1,500 people. On top of it, this complex will also have a large food hall featuring various cuisines. But it won’t be only about food, you will find here a stage, a DJ booth, karaoke, and tons of LED lights. Other entertainments such as cinema, pool, and amusement center are also available.

Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

The third shopping complex by the brand Tokyo Midtown will fully open in March 2023. It will face Tokyo station which is among the major commuting hubs in Tokyo. You will find a luxury hotel by Bulgary on 39-45 floors, as well as 60 different restaurants and even more shops and offices. The hope is that it will make the Tokyo station area even more attractive.

Senkyaku Banrai

Toyosu market’s new facility will be formed of two buildings; one with shops and restaurants. Another one with a hot spring. The hot-spring facility will feature a 24-hour open hot spring and a hotel. On the rooftop, there will be foot baths. The purpose of all this is to make Toyosu market a center of Japanese food.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo/Making of Harry Potter (Studio Tour Tokyo)

“Making of Harry Potter” is not just another theme park. It is more of a walking tour along which you will be able to see how the movies about Harry Potter and The Fantastic Beasts were created and filmed. This park will be the second of its kind in the world and will be the size of the Tokyo Dome. The location is where Toshimaen park used to be. It is a must-see attraction for all the fans of the franchise.

TeamLab Borderless

One of the most popular and visited museums in the world was opened in Odaiba in 2018 and shut its doors in August 2022. But only because it was moving to Azabudai Hills and it will reopen sometime in 2023. The museum is a world record holder for being the most visited museum run by a single art group. It is another must-visit attraction on your visit to Tokyo.


When talking about the opening of TeamLab in Azabudai Hills, we must mention the Toranomon-Azabudai project itself. The complex is designed by a famous architecture and design studio Heatherwick. On the property, you will find a shopping complex, 2 hotels by Aman, and, as mentioned above, a new TeamLab museum.

Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park

Finally, central Tokyo gets its own hotel with an infinity pool and it is facing Yoyogi park itself! Very popular and very modern located nearby the Cat Street Trunk Hotel will open a new location close to Yoyogi Park. It will feature a pool and other attractions. You can combine a visit here with visiting the recently renovated Miyashita Park and the relatively newly opened Shibuya Square.

Hotel Indigo Tokyo Shibuya

Another hotel opening its doors in 2023. It will be the fourth in Japan and the first in Tokyo hotel by the Indigo group. The hotel will be opened where Donki Dogenzaka used to be. It will feature shops, offices, and of course a hotel, and a terrace. Easy access from different sides of Shibuya will make it even more attractive.

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