6 Must-Visits in Kanto by Tokyo Furnished

6 Must-Visits on Golden Week in Kanto

Oktoberfest in Odaiba

Experience the genuine ambiance of German Oktoberfest! Join the Oktoberfest in Odaiba, happening once again during Golden Week this year. Indulge in a selection of rare German beers on tap, seldom found in Japan! This year’s spotlight falls on a specialty pretzel shop, offering authentic pretzels crafted by skilled German bakers. Don’t miss out on the limited daily supply of giant pretzels, perfect for your social media feed – be sure to grab one at the event!

La Folle Journee TOKYO 2024

La Folle Journée, originating in France in 1995, draws its name from Pierre Beaumarchais’ “The Marriage of Figaro.” Renowned for its dynamic musical experiences, it presents a diverse array of concerts annually, each centered around a fresh theme. During La Folle Journee TOKYO 2024 approximately 60 complimentary classical concerts will be given. Alongside performances by professional pianists and guitarists, the sounds of Tokyo University of the Arts’ students will resonate throughout Marunouchi during Golden Week.

Meat Festival 2024 World Selection TOKYO

The Meat Festival stands as one of Japan’s premier culinary and entertainment extravaganzas, seamlessly blending delectable meat dishes with captivating entertainment. In 2024 the theme will be “Wagyu Beef and Global Meat Delicacies”. The festival will showcase an extensive array of meat-based dishes and Wagyu beef menus from around the globe. Featuring a lineup of 22 restaurants, ranging from established eateries to innovative newcomers. Visitors can savor over 40 varieties of meat dishes, including specialties from renowned establishments in Azabu Juban, Ebisu, and Ginza. Delight in sushi creations utilizing Japan’s unique meats and tantalize your taste buds with secret menus crafted by each participating restaurant. In addition to thrilling performances by idols and V-tubers, this year’s event promises an array of attractions, including a VIP zone, family-friendly area, pet-friendly section, souvenir corner, and a weekday-exclusive beer garden, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

Craft Gyoza Festival TOKYO 2024

“Craft Gyoza Fest TOKYO 2024” celebrates the rich culture of gyoza and the latest culinary trends. In its third year, the festival will feature 16 gyoza vendors, fried rice stalls, and 7 beverage and dessert stands. Dive into a mesmerizing world of gyoza, showcasing a variety of styles including classic fried, boiled, steamed, soup-filled, and creatively crafted gyoza that emphasize appearance, texture, and ingredients. Experience gyoza crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, a “Craft Gyoza SHOP” offering frozen gyoza will be available onsite, allowing visitors to bring home their favorite gyoza as souvenirs or for personal enjoyment.

GW 3-day limited Nihonbashi/Skytree Kandagawa Edo waterway boat ride (departing from Nihonbashi)

Only during this Golden Week will you have the opportunity to embark on a journey through time, from the Edo to the Reiwa period. The boat will depart from Nihombashi, the heart of Edo, and conclude its voyage at Koumebashi Pier, near the Sky Tree. Along the way, you’ll traverse the stone walls of Edo Castle’s outer moat, urban valleys, railway heritage, and reconstructed bridges. This diverse route offers a glimpse into the unique characteristics of four rivers: the Nihonbashi River, Kanda River, Sumida River, and the Kitajukken River, once bustling waterways of the Edo period.

Otomeshi Festival.2024

“Otomeshi Festival 2024” is one of the largest music and food festivals in the Kanto region. It’s a massive outdoor event where 150 stores from across the nation gather! Here, you can indulge in cuisine from all over Japan. You can also enjoy live performances by popular artists in the great outdoors! And the best part? Admission to this event is free.